30 People Who Started Their Day On The Wrong Foot

Life doesn't always go the way it should. Even when our day has just started, things could go wrong to the level that may ruin the rest of the day. We can blame bad luck and fate for some of the unfortunate moments we go through, but other times, we are the ones who messed up and put ourselves in trouble. What we should do then is to take a deep breath and calm ourselves down so as not to take it too seriously. Believe it or not, it's better to look at everything with a little humor, since doing so will make everything much easier. Remember, when our frustration is gone, the only thing left is a hilarious memory.
Crying over our unpleasant situations is never a good solution. That's why we've gathered a list of 30 people who have shared their unfortunate moments so the whole Internet can laugh together.

#1. "Bought some clearance sale bread. Now I know why it was on sale."

unfortunate momentsSource: insertwittytagline

#2. "I thought I was the only one using this soap. seriously, who the f**k does this?"

unfortunate momentsSource: fenster112

#3. "Roommate scrapped my cast iron seasoning down to the metal and left water in it"

unfortunate momentsSource: Glooves

#4. "In for my morning constitutional. It’s 8am. I have to be at work in 30 min. There’s not another roll in the house."

Source: peperoni_dog_farts

#5. "I got this bread from Whole Foods... more like Hole Foods"

Source: igothitbyacar

#6. "So I asked for onions on my hotdog…"

Source: FatCat_13

#7. "I don't wanna be a Karen but I asked for minimal ice..."

Source: SignificantWarning5

#8. "My landlord refuses to get over here and turn down my water heater"

Source: Crustacean2B

#9. "Bought Jam doughnuts from Tesco but when I bit into them it was custard doughnuts"

Source: The__Mac__

#10. "I ordered some food for delivery today (in SF) and there's a massive metal handle in my food. Got a partial refund from doordash."

Source: breadiestbread

#11. "Bought a pack of cigarettes today. Instead of cigarettes, there were just King-sized filter tips in the pack."

Source: HailToTheKingOfLimbs

#12. "Finally ordered our first Mr. Beast burger and then realized after the first bite that it was mostly just raw meat"

Source: killaqueenmac

#13. "Lent a car to my brother for the day, and as a thank you he filled up my car, with the wrong fuel"

Source: LevionRG

#14. "Left a cup with a little bit of milk in my room, went out of town and came back to this ecosystem."

Source: CGamer_OS

#15. "My phone after a two-inch fall."

Source: victim80

#16. "My glasses finally came in this morning. Paid $375 and decided to save $80 and not get insurance and my daughter got ahold of them 2 hours after arriving."

Source: Bully2k__

#17. This bakery selling missleading sandwiches by only putting the filling in the middle.

Source: solidlyplay16

#18. “Cheese” burger

Source: anutamyr

#19. "The handle just broke off my brand new cast iron skillet. I haven’t even cooked anything with it yet"

Source: sixpigeons

#20. "It was already a bad day but this tube of Vaseline decided to fall of my shelf and now crying is no more an option"

Source: galliencapuchonne

#21. "Came back to check the house after the neighborhood flooded from the hurricane. Wasn’t expecting my car to look like this…"

Source: Mangofert1

#22. "My bathroom cabinet gave up on life at 5 am this morning and nearly gave me a heart attack"

Source: OkayMolasses

#23. "I just wanted some cheese..."

Source: reddit

#24. "After fixing my hair trimmer, I forgot to put the depth thing on"

unfortunate momentsSource: BipedalSnake

#25. Great start to a Monday...

unfortunate momentsSource: reddit

#26. "AUGH! We just want to give our old phone to our friend’s kid for his diabetes monitoring app! Trying to reset it resulted in…this"

unfortunate momentsSource: Ruffffian

#27. "Guess what kind of animal nonchalantly pushed my mug from the table"

unfortunate momentsSource: AdResponsible6023

#28. "The cabinets in my kitchen randomly decided to fall off the wall, shattering all of the dishes inside"

unfortunate momentsSource: SenorSquishyDuck

#29. "Reached into the freezer this morning and my wedding ring just fell apart"

unfortunate momentsSource: clover-kitsune

#30. "Both things happened to me today"

unfortunate momentsSource: arna1

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