20 Times Boyfriends Tried Their Hand At Cooking And Failed Miserably

For some, cooking is the language of love. No words and no roses are needed, people choose to express their love and affection to their beloved ones through the dishes they prepare. They hope their effort in cooking will say a lot about the unsaid things. Therefore, some boyfriends decided to roll up their sleeves and try to cook (for the first time, apparently) to make a good impression on their partners. However, things just didn't go the way they planned and the results turned out to be hilarious mishaps.
We collected 20 examples of boyfriends' cooking fails that are just painful to see. We don't know if they will ever enter the kitchen again but our suggestion is that they'd better order takeout meals instead. Scroll down to see and have a good laugh! Check out our previous post about failed attempts at cooking!

#1. "I have some questions."

boyfriends' cooking failsSource: little_wing__

#2. Keto boyfriend x lazy food

Source: PatienceSpecial7020

#3. "My boyfriend made beef teriyaki"

Source: CitronFantastique

#4. "This is how my boyfriend eats his burgers"

Source: HailsBerry15

#5. "My boyfriend made Triple Milk: milk, condensed milk, and evaporated milk. More milk per milk per milk."

Source: KoreKhthonia

#6. "My boyfriend's boo-ghetti with eyeballs turned dogshit brown instead of purple."

Source: Tonikins

#7. "My boyfriend spent 3 days testing this Oreo tsukemen, all with chocolate noodles, white hot chocolate broth, chocshu and white chocolate jelly egg"

Source: Luminis_The_Cat

#8. "My boyfriend sent me a picture of his late night snack."

Source: Luminis_The_Cat

#9. "My boyfriend’s attempt at deviled eggs"

Source: wethinkwedream

#10. "My boyfriend’s dinner…baked beans and pickles"

Source: Skylasthename

#11. "This giant pork crackling my boyfriend gifted me"

boyfriends' cooking failsSource: zuzuofthewolves

#12. "Nutella Bacon Gruyère sandwich made by my boyfriend"

Source: maartenvanheek

#13. "My boyfriend made me a b*tthole cake since I farted in front of him for the first time"

boyfriends' cooking failsSource: o77lx

#14. "Boyfriend with COVID + quarantined in motel, no sense of taste nor smell"

boyfriends' cooking failsSource: bannanavy

#15. "My boyfriend made himself this as a snack and thought it was okay."

boyfriends' cooking failsSource: olivebeaner

#16. "My boyfriend’s exclusive lunch - fish balls, macaroni and ketchup."

boyfriends' cooking failsSource: Milkyuwu

#17. "My boyfriend made this dinner for himself: Cabbage, previously-frozen meatballs, spicy corn salsa."

boyfriends' cooking failsSource: Ochopika

#18. "Gyoza with a Cheeto drizzle made by my high boyfriend"

boyfriends' cooking failsSource: hellolaurenn

#19. When you ask your boyfriend to boil some eggs while you take a shower

boyfriends' cooking failsSource: ImNotChineseOk

#20. "Boyfriend fell asleep making pizza, it cooked for 9 hours!"

boyfriends' cooking failsSource: Fossil-boy07

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