25 People Whose Epic Cooking Fails Will Break All-Time World Record

Apparently, we've all been there, having at least one significant failure in the kitchen. We already know for a fact that we're no professional chefs but sometimes we can't help but want to try out some new and good-looking recipes we stumble upon while surfing social media. Over and over, it will seem easy at first but at the end of the day, it surely will end up a complete disaster. Burnt, salty, inedible, creepy-looking dishes just happen in the kitchen more often than we can imagine. If you consider yourself the worst cook ever, we’ll prove you wrong right away. There are many people out there who are just like you, going to the kitchen only to realize they’d better order takeaway meals.
We’ve rounded up the 25 most epic cooking fails ever that will make you shed a tear. Check them out now!

#1. "I'm supposed to bring a snack to share at a work meeting, I'm thinking the beef broth gelatin with hot dogs and eggs should do it"

epic cooking failsSource: Wyodaniel

#2. "Date said her favorite food was blue cheese pizza. I guess I misunderstood where the emphasis was supposed to be"

Epic Cooking FailsSource: Imatworkgoaway

#3. “Banana sushi” from a vegan restaurant in Boulder, CO. It was basically a $9 banana with Nutella on it

epic cooking failsSource: TacoTowelie

#4. My clear ramen burritos

epic cooking failsSource: daznae

#5. "It's been a terrible day at work, shaping up to be a worse week, so I made an olive hoagie for lunch. It didn't help."

epic cooking failsSource: gonzagon

#6. "I present to you my "I'm too high and lazy" mozzarella sticks"

epic cooking failsSource: Dokterkiller

#7. "My aunt’s specialty: chicken liver pâté and boiled eggs"

epic cooking failsSource: airwarr

#8. "Tried to make pumpkin shaped meat pies for my husband"

epic cooking failsSource: neverheardthatphrase

#9. "Frozen block I found at the back of the freezer, after having eaten it I'm still not sure what it was."

epic cooking failsSource: Powana

#10. This cake decorated with real hair…

epic cooking failsSource: WillNo7229

#11. Thanks

epic cooking failsSource: ferol_goul

#12. "Thought you guys might like this pie I baked"

Epic Cooking FailsSource: JustAnotherElsen

#13. Left it in the microwave for a little too long

epic cooking failsSource: galaksian

#14. "My stepfather's baked chicken breast with apple, pear, and cheese. My mom nearly threw up"

epic cooking failsSource: jennaboy

#15. "I asked for an egg and cheese bagel"

epic cooking failsSource: steinlley

#16. "This is how my boyfriend eats his burgers"

Epic Cooking FailsSource: HailsBerry15

#17. "I made 'handwiches'. Don't tell anyone."

Source: HailsBerry15

#18. "Grilled cheese and frozen peas (my therapist said vegetables would make me feel better)"

Epic Cooking FailsSource: JaydedGaming

#19. Good ol' cement pasta

Epic Cooking FailsSource: Runeshamangoon

#20. "I noticed a piece of broccoli on my plate that I thought looked like an opossum face so I used it to make a little food opossum"

epic cooking failsSource: idkdudejustkillme

#21. "Under a tight deadline, I had to stop everything to post my wife's dinner."

epic cooking failsSource: Roscoe_P_Trolltrain

#22. "I was told my Mac and Cheese belonged here"

funny cooking failsSource: ChunkyPuppyKitty

#23. "Stoned me wanted dessert, I present M&Ms mixed with peanut butter eaten like a rat over the sink"

hilarious epic cooking failsSource: car1999pet

#24. "A licorice cake I made for my husband 3 years ago and I’ll never hear the end of it"

Epic Cooking FailsSource: nyastic

#25. Chicken and waffles…pizza… don't know if it's creative or just one of those epic cooking fails

Epic Cooking FailsSource: darrvis

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