20 Pixar and Disney Movie Mistakes You've Probably Missed

The effects of computer-generated animation eventually replaced hand-drawn animation with more ambitious characters and narratives. And, to be honest, when we watch animated films, we frequently pay so much attention to the compelling plot and loveable characters that we ignore mistakes.
However, no matter how many animators or writers participate in the creation of an animated film, some blunders, mistakes, and unanswered questions always seem to pass the examination. There are occasionally a few mistakes and glitches in cartoons. You probably haven't noticed them the first time, whether they are small or big. See all Pixar and Disney's Film Mistakes in the following post
We ended up watching many cartoons and discovered errors that surprised us, so we decided to share them with everyone. Continue reading and let us know what your favorite cartoon is. Have you ever noticed an error when watching it? If so, what was it? You might find several Pixar and Disney Movie Mistakes.

#1 101 Dalmatians

Pixar and Disney Movie MistakesSource: © 101 Dalmatians / Disney

When Roger took Pongo for a walk at the park, the dog noticed a lovely Dalmatian girl with her owner. Pongo decided to make a drama for Roger to meet her master. So he went insane and threw his owner's hat on a bench.
When Roger becomes tangled up around this woman, he apologizes to her with his hat, which he didn't have time to get back from the bench.

#2 Beauty and the Beast

Pixar and Disney Movie MistakesSource: © Beauty and the Beast / Disney

Bell was wearing an apron when people came to her house to take her father to the asylum. However, once they had him, her apron suddenly disappeared.

#3 Chicken Little

Pixar and Disney Movie MistakesSource: © Chicken Little / Disney

Following the activity with the spaceship, Chicken Little and his friends noticed that the alien had gotten off and was with them. Little decided to clean his runny nose and ended up dropping the handkerchief on the ground. The handkerchief appears to have disappeared a few seconds later.

#4 Cinderella

Pixar and Disney Movie MistakesSource: © Cinderella / Disney

We can see that Cinderella was wearing a long-sleeved dress when she had her happy ending and was in the carriage with the prince at the scene when she was waving. Later in the kissing session, however, she is wearing a short-sleeved dress.

#5 Finding Nemo

Pixar and Disney Movie MistakesSource: © Finding Nemo / Pixar

When the dentist enters the fish tank with a plastic bag to catch Nemo, we first notice a zip-lock bag. When he places the bag on the table, it transforms into a conventional one.

#6 Lilo and Stitch

Pixar and Disney Movie MistakesSource: © Lilo & Stitch / Disney

When Lilo went to adopt a puppy and instead chose Stitch during the payment process, we can see the wall and there is no phone on it. When Lilo takes the adoption form, however, a phone appears on the same wall.

#7 Monsters Inc.

Pixar and Disney Movie MistakesSource: © Monsters, Inc. / Disney

Monsters in Monsters, Inc. gain power from children's screams after being startled by monsters. However, an accident occurred, and a tiny girl entered the monster's world, where Mike and Sully were attempting to hide her. Not everything went as planned, and she ended up yelling and crying after Mike took her teddy bear.
When Mike first took the teddy bear, there was a picture on the wall behind the desk. However, when Sully returns the bear, the picture is gone.

Pixar and Disney Movie MistakesSource: © Monsters, Inc. / Disney

When Sully is out on his date, we first don't see the logo on the menu. Later, when he becomes concerned panic about the small girl, we notice that the menu has a logo.

#8 Pocahontas

Source: © Pocahontas / Disney

When Pocahontas and Nakoma first went to see John, their shadows appeared to be fine. However, as they come, the shadows become more even, which is impossible.

#9 Ratatouille

Source: © Ratatouille / Pixar

At the film's beginning, the chef was trying to prevent the soup from leaving the kitchen. There is no step stool to the right of the door in the first scene when the waiter is getting the soup out.
However, we can see the step stool on the right a few seconds later, and the chef uses it to help him peek through the door.

#10 The Fox and the Hound

Source: © The Fox and the Hound / Disney

Copper first met Chief when he was taken to his new home. The young pup wanted to play with him, and we can see in this scene that Chief initially had a rope tied to his collar. The rope disappears when he scolds Copper out of his wooden house.

#11 The Jungle Book

Source: © The Jungle Book / Disney

When the elephant was teaching a lesson, his stick was broken. This is seen in the first shot, where he is speaking to Mowgli. The stick appeared to have corrected itself a second later.

#12 The Lion King

Source: © The Lion King / Disney

Nala has different eye colors in two different scenes in The Lion King. When he talks to Simba, her eyes are blue. When she was going to attack Pumbaa, though, her eyes became green. Her eyes are green throughout the rest of the film.

#13 The Little Mermaid

Source: © The Little Mermaid / Disney

Vanessa, the evil witch, stomps a glass and destroys it at the scene where she climbs up on the vanity. In the previous scene, however, there is no glass at all.

Source: © The Little Mermaid / Disney

During the romantic scene in The Little Mermaid, while Princ Eric and Ariel are on a boat, we can see him rowing and the frogs hitching a free ride. However, the oars no longer exist.

Source: © The Little Mermaid / Disney

Even from above, we can't see the oars inside the boat since they've disappeared.

#14 The Princess and the Frog

Source: © The Princess and the Frog / Disney

We can see Tiana's earrings when she walks down the stairs during the event. Later, when she was talking to a friend, the earrings vanished. They reappeared, therefore this was a mistake in just one short scene.

#15 The Rescuers Down Under

Source: © The Rescuers Down Under / Disney

We can see a difference in their attire while the rescuers waited for their ride. Miss Bianca does not have a coat in the opening scene. When Bernard gets to the window a few seconds later, we see her dressed up.

#16 Toy Story

Source: © Toy Story / Pixar

We can see that there is no outlet under the window when the heroes are stuck in Sid's house. When Sid begins to experiment with the toys and pretend to be a doctor, there is an outlet under the window and next to the chest.

#17 Toy Story 2

Source: © Toy Story 2 / Pixar

When Buzz and his buddies tried to rescue Woody while he was sneaking in via the ventilation shaft, we can see that he is wearing a belt, but that belt disappears seconds later.

Pixar and Disney Movie MistakesSource: © Toy Story 2 / Pixar

When Rex accidentally steps on the remote control and switches on the TV, Hamm arrives to assist in turning it off. However, once he does so and the TV switches off, there is no reflection of them.

#18 UP

Pixar and Disney Movie MistakesSource: © UP / Pixar

We don't see the little boy on the porch as the house begins to fly, but he appears immediately afterward. This is a key component of the film that most of us probably skipped. Even though the boy says he was running toward the house, he probably didn't have time to get there because the house was already in the air.

#19 Winnie The Pooh

Source: © Winnie the Pooh / Disney

Pooh was going to knock on the door when he noticed a sign telling him to ring instead. We see the sign but no tail in the first scene, but there is a tail right above the sign when he attempts to ring the bell a few seconds later.

#20 Wreck-it Ralph

Source: © Wreck-It Ralph / Disney

Vanellope smashes her car while Ralph is teaching her to drive, and her tooth falls out. However, in the next scenes, and indeed throughout the film, her tooth does not appear to be missing.
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