20 Pics Of Camouflaged Things That'll Lull You Into A Temporary Mental Lapse

Camouflage can be found everywhere. For nature and animals, it's an amazing thing because it can increase their chances of survival by tricking predators. However, because of it, there are many times we - humans spend hours finding something that trying to blend with its surroundings, and that drives us crazy. People are sharing pics of camouflaged things they ever encountered on the r/AccidentalCamouflage subreddit.
We have chosen some of the most confusing pictures. Scroll down to check them out. We are sure that these photos will lull you into a temporary mental lapse. Also, tell us how many seconds you spend finding the missing stuff in each picture. If you are still hungry for more photos of camouflaged things, check out 25 Of The Best “Accidental Camouflage” Examples Shared On This Page.

#1. My brother's dog Jake

Source: Swaisian1

#2. Kitchen Camo

Source: EarlGreyWolf

#3. Mom's dog

Source: arnemcnuggets

#4. A naughty baby cat who enjoys climbing clothes

Source: dil_mangoes

#5. I lose the Roku remote at some point every single day

Source: eelannalee

#6. This person accidentally matched the background. Make sure to upvote OPs original post

Source: JimFancyPants

#7. I almost stepped on the cat

Source: TFritzelagram

#8. My pet mouse blends with my partner's pyjamas

Source: Dalen-Dalen

#9. Nothing to see here

Source: temporalwanderer

#10. I could have snuck this lunch into a meeting and no one would have noticed

Source: christichiwa

#11. There are two cats in this picture

Camouflaged ThingsSource: cooljujuba

#12. Dropped my glasses...

Camouflaged ThingsSource: myers_jr

#13. He's a climber...

Camouflaged ThingsSource: bipolarinterneuron

#14. Just found my lost Apple Pencil

Camouflaged ThingsSource: Lunasera

#15. Wife's pants went missing

Camouflaged ThingsSource: Knobnomicon

#16. I almost stepped on it

Camouflaged ThingsSource: Neat_Story_9218

#17. Couldn’t find my bath mat for a while

Camouflaged ThingsSource: itk_jpeg

#18. Poor choice at a Mexican restaurant

Camouflaged ThingsSource: -GinjaNinja-

#19. Took me longer than I care to admit to seeing it properly…

Camouflaged ThingsSource: lyndsayy

#20. Been meaning to post this here. My ceiling fan looks like it’s missing a blade in the right lighting

Camouflaged ThingsSource: Flaky_Ad_7205

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