20 People Who Knew The Real Meaning Of Being Unfortunate

Life has ups and downs. And now we are going to focus on the latter side but in a hilarious way with a positive mind only. Perhaps that is the best way to deal with the difficulties and challenges that life throws at us from time to time. If you can't change what is meant to happen, just take a snap and share it with this online community on Reddit r/Wellthatsucks. Believe it or not, other members will help you feel better by encouraging you or leaving such witty comments that will crack you up.
If you're ready, scroll down to see our list of 20 people who knew the real meaning of being unfortunate. Always remember, it's just a bad day, not a bad life. When you're done, check out our previous articles here and here!

#1. This is why I hate winter

Source: negocpu4

#2. Thanks I hate waking up early for work

Source: beepboopyeahyeah

#3. Someone learned how to properly lock a bike today…

Source: vaughnw

#4. My dog broke my window

Source: XxStarMaidenxX

#5. Heard a loud pop while doing squats Monday morning. Waiting on an MRI to confirm but it’s looking like I tore my ACL

Source: InevitablePain21

#6. When your dishwasher pod doesn’t dissolve. Drives me nuts.

Source: misscaitiev

#7. My 2-year-old son made a puzzle for me

Source: c_jae

#8. Cleaning a family’s house and I found mushrooms growing on their blankets

Source: anguished_emodiment

#9. Just getting ready to cook Valentine’s Day dinner and opened the block of cheese I bought today

Source: Thea_From_Juilliard

#10. Well.. Dish soap is not meant for the dishwasher I guess

Source: CasuallyWorn

#11. Fake tan fail

Source: Practical_Wall_4140

#12. Fantastic, how's your day going?

Source: danaldorini123

#13. Final destination type of accident

Being UnfortunateSource: CircularPloy

#14. Walked by this while leaving work.. someone had a BAD Valentine’s

Being UnfortunateSource: LiQuiD0v3rkiLL

#15. Microwaved my instant lunch, only to find out i forgot to add the water.

Being UnfortunateSource: FoxMcCloud3173

#16. Well... Today I found out that the bottom of my blender is detachable.

Being UnfortunateSource: UnlikePeople

#17. Losing your glasses while rock climbing

Being UnfortunateSource: Nasallyginger71

#18. All I did was take my headphones off…

Being UnfortunateSource: Danthenotable1

#19. Opened the window to help dry my car

Being UnfortunateSource: thelittleone86

#20. My unopened toothpaste tube exploded in the packaging

Being UnfortunateSource: AndrewB493

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