20 People Who Knew Too Well How The Bitterness Of Life Tasted Like

Think you had a bad day? Think again. Not now but after you finish looking through our gallery below. We collected 20 examples of people who were abandoned by Lady Luck. They knew too well how the bitterness of life tasted. However, instead of isolating themselves and crying alone, these people chose to share their bad experiences with others as a way to overcome them. And we also encourage you to do that.
No matter how much you ask for it, there will never be a button that allows you to restart your day after one thing goes wrong. Therefore, it's better to look at things with a little humor. If you still doubt, scroll down to see if that works for these people. Check out our previous posts here and here!

#1. "My stress ball exploded"

Bitterness Of LifeSource: Toddlez

#2. Added the birthday candles while the brownies were still warm and they melted, ruining the whole dish

Bitterness Of LifeSource: zb0074

#3. "Girlfriend broke up with me so thought I'd make a cheesecake to cheer myself up"

Source: PurpleXenon

#4. "This is why I don't cook"

Bitterness Of LifeSource: eo326

#5. "I'm a beginner beekeeper"

Bitterness Of LifeSource: imgur

#6. It‘s stuck in there. Don‘t know what to do…

Source: Zizi-B

#7. Accidentally simmered the absorbent pad when making homemade chicken broth. Everything has to go in the trash.

Source: BushyEyes

#8. "Got the TV mounted in my new house. Looks like we broke something in transit..."

Bitterness Of LifeSource: LtColShinySides

#9. Just give it time to heal

Bitterness Of LifeSource: AeriesIIII

#10. "My friends water froze in his trailer home while he was away during Christmas"

Bitterness Of LifeSource: Stranger0nTheWeb

#11. "A tree fell on my Cadillac"

Bitterness Of LifeSource: MasterPPbokchoypimp

#12. Did someone eat Taco Bell?

Bitterness Of LifeSource: Jessjudge09

#13. "Random cut of meat I bought turned out to be all bone…"

Source: monsieurLeMeowMeow

#14. "Rest in piece my friend"

Source: Agile-Initiative-457

#15. It was supposed to be cream filled

Source: Cupy_

#16. This bread cost $7.99 for a half loaf

Source: PutinontheRiitz

#17. Charger caught fire

Source: RavenHexKill

#18. "I was away for the weekend"

Source: Tenshinu

#19. "After I ate three"

Source: Silojm

#20. "Phone purchased at 10:20 am, black ice got me at 1:30 pm"

Source: people_talking

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