20 Kids Who Can Beat Any Grown-Up Comedian Just By Being Themselves

Perhaps kids are the most hilarious creatures on Earth. They are full of insane ideas and inexplicable thoughts about the world we're living in. Kids have different ways of interpreting what's around them and most of the time, they just effortlessly add their humor to everything while trying to figure them out. Looking at them may make us regret the sense of humor we were born with but lost it somewhere on the way to becoming an adult. But having a child on our own or sharing a home with little brothers or sisters can totally make up for that. Children offer us a great deal of surprises and laughter every day since we can never know in advance what they are gonna do.
Here is a compilation of 20 times kids being themselves that surely will get you through the day. Take a look below and have a good laugh!

#1. His plane was delayed so...

Source: sapphirestar411

#2. Armed robbery

Source: Person6841

#3. Mom told her daughter to grab her mask so they can go to the store. This was the mask she grabbed.

Source: jorhey14

#4. Someone's kid hung up the wet wipes to allow them to dry

Source: thinkingbell955

#5. Identically unperturbed by what they did to themselves with the clippers at 5am.

Source: passingglans

#6. Got new doors installed. He doesn't realise one of his favorite hide and seek spots has been severely compromised.

Source: stepuptoredalert

#7. The missing candy was replaced with a potato

Source: Mad_Juju

#8. "Then she read it to us "dear grandma and grandpa..."

Source: ateaseottawa

#9. Chicken Expert

Source: wetnap00

#10. 9 yo decapitates earbuds to create AirPods

kids being themselvesSource: the_color_9

#11. "My son thinks he's one of the dogs..."

kids being themselvesSource: Beboobooped

#12. Teamwork

kids being themselvesSource: imgur

#13. "I cancelled a call mid-presentation bc my 9yo told me water was running all over her bathroom floor…"

kids being themselvesSource: Mahhhbster27

#14. You must love your pet too much to do this

kids being themselvesSource: buddhaonacid

#15. Genius

kids being themselvesSource: wutwut191

#16. Well now you can see into the future congratulations

kids being themselvesSource: DylannnnnJ

#17. "7 yr old asked me if she could go splash in the puddles in the rain and did this instead."

kids being themselvesSource: nykorak

#18. 8 year old: "They will be all right, they are still wrapped!"

kids being themselvesSource: Amockeryofthecistern

#19. "My sister drew on her passport"

kids being themselvesSource: LuisSweden

#20. "My kid wanted to “open” the banana by herself this morning. Am I raising a serial killer?"

kids being themselvesSource: John_McCuddles

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