20 Not-So-Helpful Signs That Will Make You Shake With Laughter

Signs are found everywhere. On the street, in front of shopping centers, inside a restaurant, etc. They are frequently placed in areas where everyone can see them to ensure that their message is received. The content might contain useful information, guidance, inspirational quotes, and so on. However, signs sometimes don't function as they are supposed to. Rather than being helpful, they are made just to confuse and give us a headache.
Let's scroll down to see our list of 20 not-so-helpful signs that will make you roll over with laughter. If absurd signs are your thing, don't forget to check out our previous posts here and here. Hope you have a good time reading!

#1. Customer service on the next level

Source: 54_actual

#2. Poor choice of words

Source: Byrd_persun

#3. "Just started at a new shop and this work of art was left above my new work station."

Source: rwmurphy10

#4. Three legged children?

Source: RedN00ble

#5. This entrance sign looks like a “Do Not Enter” sign

Source: isprmyi

#6. "Give me 1995 prices then"

Source: reddit

#7. It's the 21st century, we work differently

Source: mindyour

#8. YOURS is NOT that LONG

Source: Skiax_

#9. "Well, since I don't know how to phase through it..."

Not-So-Helpful SignsSource: GryphonSK

#10. "A very interesting store name I encountered at a car dealership..."

Not-So-Helpful SignsSource: Miitopiatank

#11. Use as directed

Not-So-Helpful SignsSource: keith2301

#12. Do hit the road, born in more let’s drive Britian

Source: okrafest

#13. What is this for???

Source: ResponsibleHardship

#14. Windows probably obscured for a reason

Not-So-Helpful SignsSource: queuingforchips

#15. They probably don't even know...

Not-So-Helpful SignsSource: silverboyp

#16. It's a new life, not exactly a better one but new is for sure

Not-So-Helpful SignsSource: TivoYourEbay

#17. It's done here

Not-So-Helpful SignsSource: awesam9

#18. Someone went all chocolate factory in there

Source: arintj

#19. Please cancel your appointment

Not-So-Helpful SignsSource: Caulk9000

#20. No need to drive carefully after the sign!

Not-So-Helpful SignsSource: LittleShopping1240

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