20 Examples Of Unlucky People Having A Really, Really Bad Week

Everyone has probably had the experience of having a really bad week in their life. It's a natural part of existence. The presence of adversity makes you so angry and helpless that you despair of the world. However, there are thousands of people out there that are experiencing the same or worse than you. A glass sauce bottle suddenly broke even though it was in a bag. Or someone mistakenly took an enema instead of aspirin. It is unimaginable what will happen next.
Here are 20 photos of unlucky people having a really, really bad week. Don't consider yourself the bad guy if you giggle when you see these photos. We often find laughter and happiness in the pain and struggles of others. Maybe that makes us realize we're not the only ones to fail and know it will get better. Are you ready? Let’s go!
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#1. What Could Go Wrong Driving Through Tunnel

Source: PxN13

#2. I Was Charged $62 For A Haircut And It Wasn’t Even Cut Correctly.

Source: PxN13

#3. My Can Of Beans Had One Bean In It

Source: jalapena_pinata

#4. Leaving A Picnic Unattended In Australia

Source: PM_me_yr_bonsai_tips

#5. Had To Get Emergency Heart Surgery

Source: Turgeyburker

#6. This Is 4 Plates, The Rest Is “Preferences” And A Few Allergies

Source: KarenTheManagah

#7. This Toilet In A KFC Restaurant Is Not Free Even For Customers

Source: DVP21

#8. Welp, Looks Like Today Is My Lucky Day

Source: amaurer3210

#9. The Person Whose Corn Dogs Are More Burned Than That Which Resides In Hades Itself, Folks

Source: Designer_Curve

#10. 400 Kg Of Liquid Chocolate Leaked Onto The Street After The Tank Containing It Fell Of A Trailer

Source: Downbulwark66

#11. Real Sign From A Town Around My Home

Source: WeakWrongdoer9203

#12. Oops!

Source: ZeroSleepSamus

#13. Oh No!

Source: RileyRhoad

#14. 3rd Straw Down And Still Not Finished With My Smoothie

Source: New_Fry

#15. I Don't Know What's More Infuriating, My Whole Room Burning Down And Losing Everything I Have Or This


#16. Woman Used A Gallon And A Half Of Wiper Fluid Instead Of Oil


#17. The Person Who Just Turned Their Kitchen Into This December's Hottest Foam Party

Source: WheresThePineapple_

#18. Melon Won

Source: IllLockstep

#19. The Person Who Got Hot Seats In The American Express Jail Lounge

Source: livejamie

#20. Turned Off Power For A Week While Travelling, Forgot About Food In Fridge


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