20 Technically True Perspectives That Nobody Dares To Dispute

Does the truth hurt? Yes. Regardless of how bitter the reality is, people still want to know the truth rather than trust sweet lies. With the expansion of the internet in the 4.0 era, the comment area on social networks is where netizens' online arguments take place most actively. They are now the world’s number-one debating forums. The most fascinating parts of this debate forum are the savage and intelligent responses that are technically true. The arguments they make are technically correct, but you can't win the fight by arguing logically. It's a sad fact, but in all honesty, they're hilarious as well.
We came across this Reddit Group known as “Technically the Truth” dedicated to sharing information that is technically true, but far from the expected answer. Here are 20 of the technically true perspectives that we've compiled. Scroll down to check them out and don’t forget to share this post with your relatives. Enjoy!

#1. What Does Fortune Cookie Say?

Source: Familiar_Big3322

#2. Well Disney, Say Something

Source: VIP0403

#3. That's The Truth

Source: Reddit

#4. Heard Anyone Saying Hit Me On The Nuts

Source: not_100_cr8v

#5. She Should Speak Up

Source: sufiyan__55

#6. Соllеgе Studеnt Gеnius

Source: File_Boom

#7. The Monster Does Have A Name?

Source: ChicoLamao

#8. Is It Batmans Or Batmen?

Source: morimoemoe

#9. The Car Is On Top LOL

Source: Kztten

#10. I Don't See The Joke

Source: thequietkidbelike

#11. He's Had Way Better...

Source: PewPewAnimeGirl

#12. I Need It Dripping

Source: mustbeme87

#13. Well Yes

Source: Fun_System_8546

#14. What The Guy Actually Has Is A Pet Coyote.

Source: u/Maciokan

#15. Autumn Of Rome

Source: marciucclaudiu

#16. They Can’t Be Proven

Source: Bellpop

#17. I Would Have Given Her Half Credit At Least

Source: atom644

#18. How To Draw A Sheep

Source: atom644

#19. The Best Environmentalists Are…..

Source: AaryamanStonker

#20. Ohh!

Source: _cannoneer_

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