30 Times Designers Realized That Life Is Meaningless

We always admire what designers can do with their imagination. Designers, however, do not always make the best decisions at any time, and they even make us giggle because of their foolish creativity. Have you ever come upon a ridiculous design that made you wonder, ‘What the hell? You will chuckle after looking at the pics below. Trust me! Maybe they created these weird designs after working all night, realizing this life is meaningless, or they used their imagination without caring about the result.
When creativity gets out of control, the result is bad. Let’s get ready to laugh at 30 times designers thought life is pointless. Enjoy!

#1. Sid From Ice Age Finally Got A Career As A Doctor

Source: Germantoast33

#2. That’s A Metaphor For Life After School

Source: box_cardinal_peanut

#3. Those Columns Look Awful

Source: BlueTexBird

#4. Awesome

Source: Warshok

#5. Nothing Like The Smell Of Coffee And A Good Eye-Stab In The Morning

Source: CosmeBuzzanito

#6. Oh No!

Source: BanAllPineapples

#7. Mermaid Sushi

Source: Cream77

#8. No Words To Say

Source: Shiawase__

#9. The Entrance To Our Apartment In Berlin

Source: TurkMcGill

#10. Found This Beauty At My Local College

Source: GelatinSkeleton3

#11. Glass On A Remote...Why??

Source: chiletrain

#12. I Guess My World History Class Skipped Quite A Bit

Source: not2useful

#13. I Made This Mug For My Dad When I Was 8

Source: SenorElenor

#14. Prevent Your Kid From Being Afraid Of The Dark

Source: Brilliant999

#15. Experience

Source: lilyber

#16. Fly To Europe And Have A Stroke

Source: DucksToo22

#17. Hood On Vs Hood Off

Source: m_delacour

#18. The Reduce Volume Button...

Source: Bames_Jond_007


Source: Imnopia

#20. This Stairway Has A Surprise Step

Source: TeresaKitsu

#21. No Thanks, I Don’t Want To Drink Any Molecules Containing Uranium

Source: Social_History

#22. A Life-Changing Experience

Source: froopy_doo

#23. Are You Serious?

Source: cheekymrs

#24. White Text On A Yellow Can

Source: Rusian-furry

#25. It's So Weird

Source: Delicious-Trade

#26. Where Is Track Pad

Source: Reddit

#27. Please Kill Me!

Source: ConduciveMammal

#28. Hard To Imagine

Source: MrFahrenheit675

#29. Good Night

Source: AlexKiri

#30. Doormat Message

Source: maxington26

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