20+ Funny And Mindful Mild Vandalism Cases That May Have You Asking For More

You probably have no idea about this but sometimes we legalize crimes because they make our day brighter. By "crimes" here we mean mild vandalism which refers to funny, creative or thought-provoking things people add to public sphere projects so they could have another meaning that is far from the original. To show you what we are talking about, let us introduce to you a special corner on Reddit known as "Mildly Vandalised". With nearly 400k members, this subreddit is dedicated to sharing street art pictures and videos (or whatever) of mild vandalism that are totally wholesome and hilarious.
Continue scrolling down to see the list of 24 of the best mild vandalism cases people have shared on this online community. If you want more of the same, don’t forget to join r/MildlyVandalised on Reddit!

#1. Tough choice!

Mild VandalismSource: TondalayaSwartzkopf

#2. Dog waste bin in Britain

Mild VandalismSource: Make_the_music_stop

#3. Believe!!!!

Source: FriendshipElegant401

#4. No signs were posted

Mild VandalismSource: No-Suggestion-9482

#5. No problem!

Source: lootheman


Mild VandalismSource: Amourofzedoute

#7. Right on Rock

Source: rastroboy

#8. "Dark Forces are coming..."

Mild VandalismSource: UDAFX_MK_85

#9. Anti abortion ad on public transit

Source: reddit

#10. "I certainly would"

Mild VandalismSource: rickdagless666

#11. "I agree with them"

Source: Alezagara

#12. "Idk if this counts"

Mild VandalismSource: ShmikisBilda

#13. That’s a good idea

Source: Whatintarnation7

#14. Mildly maybe, but perfectly as well!

Mild VandalismSource: nopem23

#15. "I’d totally vote for this guy"

Source: Hammerman305

#16. m a n

Mild VandalismSource: lootheman

#17. CAUTION: falling sheep

Mild VandalismSource: lootheman

#18. Marge tree

Source: JamuelSackson420

#19. I take a sh*t right on stage

Mild VandalismSource: Archneme5is

#20. Genius level 100

Mild VandalismSource: masked_gamer21

#21. "Cause I'm having a good time, having a good time"

Mild VandalismSource: AKcenty

#22. No playing dice with squirrels

Source: _062862

#23. Found downtown Vancouver

Mild VandalismSource: dentistMCnuggets

#24. "I was cruising down the ice cream isle at Walmart and started laughing and snorting to myself"

Mild VandalismSource: Pin-Up-Paggie

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