19 Actors Portray Their Characters So Flawlessly That We Couldn’t Recognize Them In Other Movies

In Hollywood, it only takes one role for an actor to explode into stardom, but in some cases, that role stays with them for the rest of their careers. Many of these actors have become typecast because they give so much of themselves while playing a specific role, which causes the public to view them as that character for the duration of their careers.
The following actors are not typecast. They are very versatile and have appeared in many excellent films of various genres. But they will always be remembered for that one role, whether they like it or not. For instance, who would have thought that the actor who portrayed the iconic Sirius Black in "Harry Potter" would also play Count Dracula in "Bram Stoker's Dracula"? Or that the main character from "Million Dollar Baby" is the same amazing fighter from "Boys Don't Cry"?
In the Entertainment industry, although everyone hopes to avoid being labeled a one-hit-wonder, this often happens to many different actors in both film and TV series, especially Especially in superhero movies. So, we've made a list of 19 examples of the actors portray their characters flawlessly, making it hard to immediately recognize them in other roles!

#1 Anne Hathaway

actors portray their characters flawlesslySource: © The Princess Diaries / Walt Disney Pictures, © Interstellar / Legendary Pictures

#2 Robert Downey Jr.

actors portray their characters flawlesslySource: © Tropic Thunder / DreamWorks SKG, © Iron Man / Marvel Studios

#3 Hilary Swank

actors portray their characters flawlesslySource: © Million Dollar Baby / Warner Bros. Entertainment, © Boys Don't Cry / Fox Searchlight Pictures

#4 Ralph Fiennes

Source: © Harry Potter / Warner Bros. Pictures, © Schindler's List / Universal Studios

#5 Madeline Brewer

Source: © The Handmaid's Tale / Hulu, © Orange Is The New Black / Netflix

#6 Jim Carrey

Source: © Dumb and Dumber / Motion Picture Corporation of America, © The Grinch / Imagine Entertainment

#7 Natalie Portman

Source: © Black Swan / Cross Creek Pictures, © Léon: The Professional / Gaumont

#8 Sigourney Weaver

Source: © Ghostbusters / Columbia Pictures, © Avatar / Lightstorm Entertainment

#9 Zoë Saldaña

Source: © Guardians of the Galaxy / Marvel Studios, © Avatar / Lightstorm Entertainment

#10 Ryan Reynolds

Source: © DeadPool / 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, © Sabrina the Teenage Witch / Sonar Entertainment

#11 Famke Janssen

Source: © X-Men / 20th Century Fox, © Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters / Paramount Pictures

#12 Danny DeVito

Source: © Matilda / TriStar Pictures, © Batman Returns / Warner Bros. Entertainment

#13 Dakota Fanning

Source: © War of the Worlds / Amblin Entertainment, © The Twilight Saga / Summit Entertainment

#14 James McAvoy

Source: © Split / Blinding Edge Pictures, © The Chronicles of Narnia / Walt Disney Pictures

#15 Tilda Swinton

Source: © Doctor Strange / Marvel Studios, © The Grand Budapest Hotel / Foxsearchlight Pictures

#16 Alan Cumming

Source: © The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas / Amblin Entertainment, © X-Men 2 / 20th Century Fox

#17 Uma Thurman

Source: © Kill Bill: Volume 1 / A Band Apart, © Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief / 20th Century Fox

#18 Gary Oldman

Source: © Harry Potter / Warner Bros. Entertainment, © Bram Stoker's Dracula / Columbia Pictures

#19 Tom Cruise

Source: © Mission: Impossible / Skydance Productions, © Tropic Thunder / Dream Works SKG

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