18 People Who Know Exactly How Harsh Mornings Can Be

You might have seen this on TV before, people waking up fresh in the morning, feeling full of energy, and starting their day with a confident smile. But it's not always like that in real life. Everything might seem okay but once you decide to wake up, things could go wrong on so many levels and make you regret leaving your bed. Sometimes, it's you who mess things up since your self-awareness is already taking a vacation. But other times, you could just blame life for every misfortune that happens to you.
Let's hear stories from people who experienced unpleasant circumstances when their day just started. Scroll down to see how harsh mornings can be! If you want to see more of the same, don't forget to check out our previous post!

#1. “I have a set of photos that show how I mess things up in the mornings.”

Source: hellcat_stories

#2. Mornings are never easy.

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#3. "My bathroom cabinet gave up on life at 5 am this morning and nearly gave me a heart attack"

Source: OkayMolasses

#4. Great start to a Monday...

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#5. "Got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water, and when I opened the fridge the door fell off in my hand."

Source: ItsMeMurphYSlaw

#6. "Got stung in the eye at 2am while asleep by probably one of the last wasps of the season."

Source: theoneandonlyecon

#7. "Good morning! I’m never switching from Morton’s again"

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#8. "Anyone I show this to just thinks the cat knocked over my bowl of cereal, then I have to point out what really ruined my morning..."

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#9. Note to self: coffee pot goes IN the coffee maker.

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#10. “At first, I couldn’t understand where the system had glitched, and only after opening the sugar-basin did I understand all the malfunctions of logical operations. I need some good sleep.”

Source: PomidorWatsona

#11. "Tore apart my room, my bedding, and even flipped my mattress looking for my glasses. Then I felt something on my back."

How Harsh Mornings Can BeSource: CallistoChemical

#12. “The courier sent me this as a delivery confirmation photo.”

Source: Jay_Ferg

#13. Was awoken at 4:30 in the morning by some ruckus in the kitchen and found that the cats had reorganized our snack cabinet

How Harsh Mornings Can BeSource: IllustratorBig8972

#14. "Leaving for work in the morning for this little surprise…"

How Harsh Mornings Can BeSource: magenbutter3420

#15. "Tripped over the cat at two in the morning."

How Harsh Mornings Can BeSource: deathjesterdoom

#16. "Went out in the morning to get breakfast, Come home to find a sign saying the house, we rent, is for sale. We have 2 months to move out"

How Harsh Mornings Can BeSource: TheDarkWh1t3

#17. When you try to open your eyes in the morning, but the sand is holding them together

How Harsh Mornings Can BeSource: Cinema7D

#18. "My husband was about to put in his teeth this morning until he looked down and found this..."

How Harsh Mornings Can BeSource: KohanaCat

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