18 People Who Had The Audacity To Turn Their Nutty Ideas Into Reality

Creativity means different things to people. For some, it means creating highly aesthetic works of art, while for others, it is just a way to flex their perfect sense of humor. The objects on this list are great examples of how creative and witty people can be at the same time. They are not afraid to show the world how crazy their ideas are. But that doesn't mean they totally make sense and don't raise a lot of questions for others. From the double-sided car with top tires that can spin as well to metal flip-flop serving plates to suitcase with the owner's face on it, etc. All of these are likely to have other people looking at them more than once.
We scoured the Internet to find 18 nutty ideas people actually turned into reality that can make your jaw drop on the floor. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. This double-sided car with top tires that spin too

Source: javems

#2. This relaxing staff room with a grass floor

Source: Gedj

#3. His and hers wedding cake

Source: imgur

#4. "Long time lurker, then I saw this and just had to share."

Source: dreaming-md

#5. "Babe wake up, it's a shoecar"

Source: uw_gooselord

#6. This Minion-shaped oven

Source: Razvix

#7. "Just went through my old shoe collection and realized I always had an impeccable sense for style..."

Source: nalabolika

#8. This knife. Yes, it is a real leg…

Source: nalabolika

#9. Thumb tacks

Nutty IdeasSource: Xander395

#10. When you want to make a grand entrance at the Christmas party

Nutty IdeasSource: Elfiih

#11. This cockroach cappuccino

Nutty IdeasSource: imgur

#12. Suitface

Source: OctopussSevenTwo

#13. Damn

Nutty IdeasSource: vrphotosguy55

#14. Metal flip-flop serving plates

Nutty IdeasSource: simon_sebastian

#15. Turning on a woman has never been so easy

Nutty IdeasSource: SDF5150

#16. Coffin chair

Nutty IdeasSource: l_ur_ker

#17. The Great Wave off Kanagawa on body hair

Nutty IdeasSource: feelsonline

#18. Definitely easier to find when you are missing one

Source: Zew5

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