18 Examples Of Absurd Food That Shouldn't Have Existed

Humans are weird, we know. But if there is one thing we can wish people would never do, it probably has to be "don't play with food." Can anyone explain to us why some people love to make weird food so much? Are they way too confident about their cooking skills and creativity? Perhaps no one can answer these questions so what we should do now is to shame this kind of food.
We scoured the Internet and selected 18 examples of absurd food that should have been banned from existing in this life. Scroll down to check them out. If bizarre food pics are your thing, our previous posts are also right up your alley here and here.

#1. "I spent six dollars on this"

Source: XD5133

#2. Baby shower cake

Source: justitia_

#3. "3 Cheeseburgers ...mistakes were made me."

Source: ctorstens

#4. Found at a football game in Britain

Source: DeePotts

#5. "My girlfriend made me a ham and potato cake for my birthday since I don’t like sweets."

Source: Sv182

#6. Wife’s lunch: plain unseasoned fried Oysters with Buckwheat

Source: airwarr

#7. "My take on shrekfast"

Source: languagearts000

#8. "My chocolate cake looks like an *sshole sh*tting"

Source: sadgirllurkin

#9. "Yes, it’s a real softshell crab. No, I’m not happy about it."

Source: inquisitive_begun

#10. "Tiramisu my wife made"

Source: airwarr

#11. What's wrong? You barely touched your green salad.

Source: LogicRak91

#12. Asparagus looks like a graboid just got blown up

Source: Holiday_Low5203

#13. "Meet my beautiful son"

Source: Pixelmanns

#14. You can shit in it directly after your meal!

Source: LogicRak91

#15. "My girlfriend's choice of snack"

Source: dumbass_paladin

#16. "Got a little high last night, thought this was a good idea. Was up all night with heart burn."

Source: ExtraVirgin0live

#17. Freshly cut Hong Kong style BBQ on a plane. What could go wrong?

Source: chr15c

#18. This 2-foot long slice of pizza

Source: WannaBe90sGamer

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