18 Creative DIY Projects That Leave Us Speechless

Have you ever done a DIY project yourself? If yes, did you succeed or did you fail? Perhaps many of us have tried DIY at least once after watching a lot of tutorial videos suggested on social media. DIY is a good thing if you can reuse things in a good way instead of throwing them away. But DIY can also be a disaster if you are not careful or if you take creativity too far, you lose control of it.
We scoured the Internet and compiled a list of 18 creative DIY projects that make us run out of words. Scroll down for some fun and don't forget to check out our previous article here for more!

#1. Lon g drives…have been solved!

Source: Fart On My Wits

#2. Wanna play musical chairs?

Source: World-Wide HD

#3. I’m all about portability, but that looks like more trouble than it’s worth.

creative DIY projectsSource: World-Wide HD

#4. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!


#5. When you just got to get clean!

Source: Mining Mayhem

#6. This kind of gardening cannot go out of style.

Source: Chef Josh Omusiisisiisi

#7. How will you even pedal?

Source: Chef Josh Omusiisisiisi

#8. Can't wait to board such an amazing car!

Source: Chef Josh Omusiisisiisi

#9. I said don’t touch it

creative DIY projectsSource: Get Noticed

#10. The plumber and the electrician have a mutual understanding

Source: Pulse Uganda

#11. This is not what I meant when I said holiday cheese board

creative DIY projectsSource: Shitty Food Porn

#12. A camera and a lamp walk into a bar

Source: discoteen66

#13. This couch cover at an AIR B&B

creative DIY projectsSource: Animarchy666

#14. Coffee table on wheels

creative DIY projectsSource: indewater

#15. Max cooling

creative DIY projectsSource: AltTabulor

#16. Lighting upgrade

creative DIY projectsSource: Machinefun

#17. This plastic bottle bottom lampshade

creative DIY projectsSource: Machinefun

#18. Much better

Source: imakemediocreart

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