17 Relatable Tweets That Sum Up Life As A Grown-Up

When we were little kids, we wished we could grow up faster so we could do whatever we want without asking for permission. However, imagination is always more beautiful than reality, and not until we are truly grown-ups do we understand this. Adulthood comes with a lot more things than we ever expected. Responsibilities, stresses, anxieties, and so on. We have to pay our bills ourselves, take care of our family, etc, while being full-time workers who are supposed to have their job done well.
We collected 17 relatable tweets from our favorite Twitter accounts that could help you picture life as a grown-up. Scroll down for some joy. Check out our previous for more hilarious tweets about being adults.

#1. Next time, the password will be: Dolphinsarecool123

Source: mommajessiec

#2. It will take 2 more years, so it's not necessary to freak out now

Source: Social_Mime

#3. Not out loud at least

Source: dadmann_walking

#4. Hats off to Leonardo DiCaprio

Source: StoneAgeRadio13

#5. So much same here, bro

Life As A Grown-UpSource: mcdadstuff

#6. The pressure is real!

Source: mommajessiec

#7. The morning bartender was so nice

Life As A Grown-UpSource: Lance_Said_This

#8. May I suggest an alternative to “eat crackers”…..”pretzels”

Life As A Grown-UpSource: MattTheBrand

#9. Have you considered screwdrivers and/or superglue?

Source: mxmclain

#10. Liking people is hard, they even love to make it harder

Life As A Grown-UpSource: lmwortho

#11. My 18 stands firm in this belief, too. Until she has to do 'adulting' things anyway

Life As A Grown-UpSource: KatieDeal99

#12. A downward WHEEEEEEEEE~

Source: roastmalone_

#13. Weekends in your 60s: Whatever

Life As A Grown-UpSource: OyVeyLady

#14. Smiling and nodding doesn't mean I'm happy

Source: mommajessiec

#15. And a big paper box of smaller paper boxes. Same energy

Life As A Grown-UpSource: ElKnuckelhombre

#16. How could they do that?

Life As A Grown-UpSource: Social_Mime

#17. It's coming for us. It's coming for us one and all.

Source: Social_Mime

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