20 Hilariously Sad Adulthood Tweets For People Tired Of Being Grown Ups

Okay, let's be honest. When we were little kids, the thought of growing up excited us. We dreamt of having freedom where we could do whatever we want without asking for permission. We dreamt of becoming whoever we want, actors, teachers, astronauts, doctors, etc. However, adulthood really happened and reality just slapped us hard in the face. We no longer cry and wait for our parents to handle every single problem, we have to face them ourselves. We have to deal with lots of bills, loans, work struggles, stress, and our family and children if we get married. It sounds weird but suddenly everything in this world is on our shoulders.
So, dear all the grown-ups who are reading this, there is no ticket to travel back to your childhood. Rather than complaining, it's better to cope with your adult life through humor. We've compiled a list of 20 sad yet funny adulthood tweets by the most hilarious adults on Twitter. Check them out now!

#1. No seriously

Source: hashjenni

#2. This adulting life is a scam

Source: AhmadDavisPR

#3. "Every time a kid screams I wanna join in"

Source: mickeywon234

#4. "Yes mine happened just after my 26th birthday"

Source: onlychyld

#5. "Being a kid right now would be out of my price range. Oof"


#6. Thoughts and prayers during this difficult time

adulthood tweetsSource: pandasugarbutt

#7. "Movies are actually my sleeping pill"

adulthood tweetsSource: Thumbe_

#8. “Yeah I’ve been good just working, staying focused, saving money”

Source: Thumbe_

#9. "My mood right now lmaooo I hate washing dishes"

adulthood tweetsSource: stfuayen

#10. "This hits me at least twice a day"

Source: mel_uh_nin


Source: goodlucksofea

#12. "Like can't I just get most things free? I'm cute"

adulthood tweetsSource: jiselle_andrea_

#13. "I don't care that it's going to be my birthday anymore it's just a date now"

adulthood tweetsSource: NgwanaMopedi1

#14. "Just at home cozymaxxing. Ttaying in my lane, doing nothing. Warm and snug"

Source: JUNlPER

#15. They have app for that….. so yes, it’s a thing!

adulthood tweetsSource: angelsiloveyou

#16. "If so then I'm still a child"

Source: LindoGames_

#17. Same situation here, man.

adulthood tweetsSource: Anthony_x22

#18. "And calling my mama complaining about my life"

adulthood tweetsSource: heyhoneyrae

#19. Adulting is realizing that everyone has problems in their life and they are never going to be okay with it.

Source: kadaipaneeeer

#20. Why is this an acceptable life?

adulthood tweetsSource: TightAvarice_73

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