15 Celebrities Who Are Insecure About Themselves But Learn It’s Okay To Have Flaws

Everybody has their insecurities, even the most charming and seemingly perfect people on Earth. In fact, there are more celebrities who are insecure about their bodies than we thought. Despite the fact that most people see them as the finest and the most beautiful humans on the globe, these stars still can't help but see their flaws looking straight back at them through the mirror.
However, they've stopped beating themselves up. These stars understand that nobody is truly flawless, and it's completely normal to be imperfect. So to inspire you to love yourself more, here are 15 celebrities who are insecure about their images but learn to accept their flaws.

1. Ryan Reynolds

celebrities who are insecure Ryan ReynoldsSource: Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds might be an A-list star today, but his road wasn't always easy, especially at the beginning. The actor recalls that he often has sleepless nights feeling anxious about his appearance. “I feel like an overweight, pimply-faced kid a lot of the time,” he said. His fear follows him until this day and he still gets nauseous before interviews and talk show appearances.
However, the actor wins over his fear with his humor. Every time when he feels anxious, he switches to his funny side and tries to lighten up the situation with laughs.

2. Chris Hemsworth

celebrities who are insecure Chris HemsworthSource: Getty Images

Chris Hemsworth is one of the sexiest men alive and a very famous actor, but he doesn't always feel joyful with fame. In fact, it creates a lot of self-doubt and insecurities inside him. He sometimes doubts whether he really deserved his fame or not. But instead of letting his insecurities get the better of him, Hemsworth uses them to improve himself. He thinks that by acknowledging the fact that you know nothing, you can open many more doors to new things.

3. Kate Moss

celebrities who are insecure Kate MossSource: Getty Images

Kate Moss is one of the most beautiful models in the world. She is also one of the celebrities who are insecure about their bodies. Moss has something she doesn't like about her body, and it is none other than her self-described bow legs. So to solve her problem, she rarely wears a mid-calf hemline. Out of sight out of mind right?

4. Gigi Hadid

celebrities who are insecure Gigi HadidSource: Getty Images

Gigi Hadid has walked for some of the biggest fashion names in the world, but she still is not 100% confident with her walk. Her weakness was called out a lot when she just started modeling. However, she refuses to become bitter and takes this as a lesson to treat others kinder instead.
The criticisms also motivate her to work harder. "When you start working, you better be the most hardworking, nicest person in the room," she said, "Because if you're not, then there's always going to be someone prettier, nicer, and more hardworking."

5. Beyoncé

celebrities who are insecure BeyoncéSource: Getty Images

The queen bee doesn't like her feet and eyes. Aside from that, she often gets a runny nose while performing and she sweats a lot during her fantastic performances. Those wind machines you see surrounding her aren't just for epic hair flips, but also to deal with her sweat.

6. Peter Dinklage

celebrities who are insecure Peter DinklageSource: Getty Images

Peter Dinklage's body is an easy target for people to talk bad things about. The actor admits that he had a lot of self-doubts in his youth due to his height. Things soon grew into bitterness and anger for him in adolescence, which was the time he started to put walls around himself.
But as he gets older, Peter realizes that he just needs a sense of humor to deal with it. "You just know that it's not your problem. It's theirs," he says.

7. Sam Smith

celebrities who are insecure Sam SmithSource: Getty Images

Sam Smith once posted on his Instagram how they have starved themselves for weeks just to do a photoshoot, only to prod at every picture and then take them down. After years of traumas related to their body image, they are happy to reclaim their body and show it off without shame now.

8. Anne Hathaway

celebrities who are insecure Anne HathawaySource: Getty Images

Anne Hathaway grew up with the bad habit of making herself as small as possible. She wasn't comfortable taking up space and apologized every time she felt like she was taking up someone else's space. Her self-doubt and anxiety faded for a while after she became a mother as she was too busy to worry about that. However, when they come back, she is ready for them. The actress shares that she takes inspiration from poems, especially Rumi's, to cope with her negative emotions.

9. Blake Lively

Blake LivelySource: Getty Images

Like many other actresses, Blake Lively has some insecurities about her post-baby body. She felt like she should try the strict diet and exercise regimen for the movie The Shallows. Looking back at that horrible time the actress was sad that people were feeling so negative about someone having a baby.
To her, everybody should be able to love their body. "You couldn't walk Victoria's Secret runway but it's beautiful in a completely different and incredible way and I do wish I had the bravery to go out there and represent women as they actually look," she said.

10. Emma Watson

Emma WatsonSource: Getty Images

Emma Watson has a bad case of imposter syndrome. The actress tended to feel nervous and turned in on herself. Despite being praised by many people for her hard work, she still feels like she doesn't deserve her fame. She felt like everyone knew she was “an imposter.” Watson later found a way to chase her demons away by doing good deeds. She focuses her energy on activism and charity.

11. Camila Cabello

Camila CabelloSource: Getty Images

Camila Cabello used to go through anxiety and self-consciousness before she found her peace. Her anxiety got so bad that she couldn't focus on doing the things she liked anymore. The singer started opening up to her friends, realizing that these things were normal and almost everyone experienced them. However, when things got worse, she turned to therapy. It helps and the singer visits her therapist on a weekly basis.

12. Bradley Cooper

Bradley CooperSource: Getty Images

Bradley Cooper had zero self-esteem when he first moved to Los Angeles. He knew nobody here and women didn’t even look his way. Thankfully, Bradley’s friend Will Arnett had his back. Arnett showed Cooper other ways of looking at things and helped him deal with self-doubt and depression. After his daughter was born, Cooper completely changed himself to become a better person.

13. Charlize Theron

Charlize TheronSource: Getty Images

Despite being an Academy Award-winning actress, Charlize Theron was terrified when she decided to accept her role in Bombshell. The actress admitted that she felt she wasn't talented and strong enough to not only portray a famous figure but also took on producing responsibilities.
Her children are her motivation to carry on. She doesn’t want her daughters to live in a society full of gender injustice, and movies like Bombshell are one way of fighting back against gender discrimination.

14. Rihanna

<a href=Rihanna" />Source: Getty Images

Rihanna pays way too much attention to her butt. Despite having beautiful body curves, the singer thinks her butt is flat. She admitted that she picked on her body and it was a bad habit that every woman had. "We walk in front of the mirror and we look at our butt. Is it getting bigger today? Ew. It's still flat," she said.

15. Lady Gaga

Lady GagaSource: Getty Images

Before she became a superstar, Lady Gaga used to be bullied a lot. There was even a group of girls who hated her so much they created a Facebook page saying she would never be famous. Gaga admitted that sometimes she felt like “a loser kid in high school.” There are times when her self-doubts get worse and she thinks she isn't good enough to be an inspiration for her fans. However, she beats her fear by reminding herself that she's a superstar every time she feels down.
Those are some famous celebrities who are insecure about themselves but have gotten over it. To love your body is the first step in the journey to treating yourself better, and we hope these stories can inspire you to be more gentle with yourself. If you want more inspiration, check out these amazing stars who beat the toxic diet culture.
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