14 Celebrities Who Lived as a Working-Class Person Before Getting Their Big Break

For the vast majority of people, success doesn’t easily happen overnight. Even some of the top, richest, most glamorous, and most successful people today started out working odd and regular jobs to help pay their bills. And celebrities are no exception. Before they had chauffeurs, walked red carpets and got the best tables in restaurants they were, well, just like you and me.
We know, it's hard to imagine our favorite celebs carrying a tray with drinks and food or something. From regular jobs like farmers, cleaners, and even janitors to weird jobs like mortuary cosmetologists, these celebs never lost sight of their big Hollywood dreams, and lucky for us, they went on to make music or star in some pretty great Movies and TV shows. So never feel depressed when you get a normal job! Here's what the celebrities who live working class before they hit the screen. Find out who they are, and let us know which ones surprised you the most!

#1 Jennifer Lopez — a secretary

celebrities who live working classSource: Invision / Invision / East News

One of today's most well-known artists is Jennifer Lopez. She has demonstrated to the world her ability as a dancer, actor, and singer. But Lopez was formerly a legal firm's secretary. Her duties included preparing tax returns for firemen and police officers. Later on, she even obtained her notary license.

#2 Miley Cyrus — a cleaner

Source: MICHAEL TRAN / AFP / East News

Miley Cyrus worked as a cleaner for a cleaning firm before being well-known thanks to the Disney TV series Hannah Montana. When she was 11, she started working there. She was required to clean homes and even bathrooms. But it's important to note that she genuinely enjoyed her work.

#3 Jake Gyllenhaal — lifeguard

Source: Invision / Invision / East News

Jake Gyllenhaal used to supervise swimmers before he became a great actor. There were no incidents while he was on duty. Gyllenhaal, though, nevertheless turned out to be useful for one individual. Gyllenhaal assisted a swimmer who had been stung by a jellyfish in getting some relief.

#4 Brad Pitt — chicken mascot

celebrities who live working classSource: © CHRIS DELMAS / AFP / Getty Images

Brad Pitt used to wave a banner and dressed as a chicken to draw people to the neighborhood El Pollo Loco restaurant. Pitt stated in an interview that he had no qualms about donning the disguise, adding, "Man's gotta eat."

#5 Jennifer Aniston — a telemarketer

Jennifer Aniston — a telemarketerSource: © Jean_Nelson /

Jennifer Aniston held a number of part-time jobs prior to landing her significant Friends TV role, and one of them was a telemarketer. In the Poconos, she was promoting timeshares, which are the rights to utilize a property under a timesharing program. Aniston said that she was awful at it and couldn't close even one deal.

#6 Eva Mendes — selling hot dogs

Eva Mendes — selling hot dogsSource: © everett225 /

Eva Mendes worked in the food sector for a very long time before she made a breakthrough in her acting profession. She started off working at a restaurant and afterwards served hot dogs in a mall.

#7 Kate Winslet — a sales assistant at the grocery store

Kate Winslet — a sales assistant at the grocery storeSource: © PopularImages /

Kate Winslet worked at a delicatessen before she was a famous actress. She once received a call that she had been cast in a role on Heavenly Creatures while preparing a turkey sandwich for a client. Because she was so startled, the future Titanic star left her job right away without eating the sandwich.

#8 Jim Carrey — janitor

Jim Carrey — janitorSource: Mika Schmidt / DDP Images / East News

At age 15, Jim Carrey made his stand-up comedy debut. However, he was unable to support himself with it at the time. In order to support his family at the time, Carrey started working as a janitor in a factory the day he turned 16 since he and his family were living in a van.
Carrey dropped out of high school and spent two years working at the factory until he one day discovered that he could support himself as a comedian.

#9 Hugh Jackman — a party clown

celebrities who live working classSource: AP / EAST NEWS

Hugh Jackman used to entertain at children's parties before he decided to pursue an acting career. Jackman, though, acknowledged that he was a horrible magician and said in an interview: "I was Coco the Clown, and I had no magic tricks, and I remember a 6-year-old standing up at a party saying, ’Mommy, this clown is terrible, he doesn’t know any tricks,’ and he was right.”

#10 Whoopi Goldberg — a mortuary cosmetologist

celebrities who live working classSource: Invision / Invision / East News

Whoopi Goldberg had a few odd occupations before she became an actor, one of which was a mortuary cosmetologist. She applied for the position since she had a license as a beautician and attended a beauty school.

#11 Gwen Stefani — selling ice cream

celebrities who live working classSource: Fernando Allende / Broadimage / Broad Image / East News

Gwen Stefani was working as an ice cream seller at a fast food restaurant long before she rose to fame as a singer. She was a cosmetics artist at a department shop as well.

#12 Mick Jagger — a porter at a mental hospital

celebrities who live working classSource: PHOTOlink / Everett Collection / East News

Before joining The Rolling Stones as their frontman, Mick Jagger briefly worked as a porter at Bexley Hospital. When he enrolled in the London School of Economics in 1961 to study finance and accounting, this occurred.

#13 Tom Selleck — farmer

celebrities who live working classSource: ADMEDIA/SIPA/EAST NEWS

Tom Selleck has received several Emmy nominations and is most recognized for his roles in contemporary TV classics like Magnum P.I. He was honored with a Golden Globe and an Emmy for Best Actor for his portrayal of Thomas Magnum. He then made the decision to temporarily quit Hollywood and start growing avocados on his family's 60-acre ranch in California.

#14 Cole Sprouse — archeologist and photographer

celebrities who live working classSource: © colesprouse / Instagram

Cole Sprouse continued acting after his early success in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, which he co-starred in with his brother Dylan. After appearing in several films and television series, he decided to concentrate on his academics rather than performing. He earned his NYU degree in 2015 and started working as an archeologist. He even took part in some digging. He also enjoys photography and frequently shoots clothes for prestigious publications like Vogue.
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