13 Celebrity Parents' Weird Tricks On Raising Kids

Parenting is a challenging job, and many new parents will happily welcome any tips and tricks they can get. Not every parent is the same so each parenting style should be as unique as they are.
The process could become quite difficult, especially when you are famous, so some A-listers have developed many unusual strategies. Therefore, sometimes our beloved celebs could raise their kids in many different ways that we have never seen before. Even though we're not here to judge them for their decisions, there are times we have to they their choice are some ways, well, bad or weird. And as for famous parents, have a special platform from which they can discuss their questionable decisions in child-rearing. Some of them can still be utilized by others, though. Check out the Weird celebrity parenting tips here.
Here are some of the most notable (or dubious, we suppose) parenting advice suggested by famous parents, varying from the archaic to the plain weird to the downright hazardous. Celebrity Parents' Weird Tricks might be found here.

#1 Alicia Silverstone

Celebrity Parents' Weird TricksSource: © aliciasilverstone / Instagram

The 45-year-old star has an 11-year-old son and believes in attachment parenting, which she describes as “getting back to basics and doing away with excess.”  Silverstone acknowledged pre-chewing her son's food and loving it when he was 10 months old, asserting “from my mouth to his. It’s his favorite... and mine.”
Furthermore, the adoring mother stated that attachment parenting is essential in assisting the child to "develop a sense of belonging in the universe." ’’You are your baby’s food, solace, Entertainment, transportation, and education, and all of that brings you and your baby closer together.’’ she added.

#2 Blake Lively

Celebrity Parents' Weird TricksSource: AFP/EAST NEWS

Blake Lively likes the idea of having a comment box at home, the same as the one we see in restaurants and hotels. This way, her children can make anonymous suggestions about what they like, and don't like, and what improvements they would like to see in the home.

#3 Chrissy Teigen

Celebrity Parents' Weird TricksSource: © chrissyteigen/instagram, © chrissyteigen/instagram

Some babies enjoy taking baths, while others do not. Bathing your child with a swaddle blanket is one of Chrissy Teigen's many effective parenting hacks. This trick will calm a cranky baby who may not want to bathe at that moment.

#4 Drew Barrymore

Celebrity Parents' Weird TricksSource: © Ga Fullner /, © drewbarrymore / Instagram

Drew Barrymore began acting at the age of seven, but unlike her, she will not allow her daughters to pursue this career at this time. “I’m not going to let them be kid actors. That’s so not their journey,” Barrymore noted.
She doesn't want to force them into the world, but rather allow them to pursue their true passions. She will, however, be supportive if their ambition is to become an actor later in life.

#5 Gwen Stefani

Celebrity Parents' Weird TricksSource: © gwenstefani / Instagram

The 52-year-old singer has three sons. Stefani revealed in 2011, when her middle child was three years old, that she enjoys co-sleeping with her children. “I don’t want to look back and say, ’Oh my God, I didn’t sleep with Zuma that time because I was too tired,’ so I’ll just snuggle up with him tonight,” she explained.

#6 Heidi Klum

Source: © heidiklum / Instagram

Heidi Klum allows her children to wear anything they like as long as they behave and perform well in school. This allows her children to develop their own sense of style. She respects her children's decisions, even if she doesn't always agree with them.
“If we go to a restaurant, they like to dress up. They just hobble on their little heels for 20 steps from the car to the restaurant. As long as they’re good kids and they get good grades, they can wear what they want to wear.” she explains.

#7 Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed

Source: © iansomerhalder / Instagram

During her pregnancy, the actress revealed that she and her husband, intended to have "one month of silence" after the baby is born. "We'll take the baby's first month for ourselves," she explained. “Just the three of us, no visitors, and we’re turning off our phones too, so there’s no expectation for us to communicate,” Reed added.

#8 Jessica Alba

Source: © jessicaalba / Instagram

Establish a routine for your children. Jessica Alba appreciates rituals because they make her life easier and more organized. Routines become an essential part of her children's days, especially once school begins. They should all put their electronics away in the evening, take a bath, or listen to soothing music so that everything is ready in the morning.

#9 Mayim Bialik

Source: © missmayim / Instagram, © missmayim / Instagram

Mayim Bialik believes that children should learn politeness at their own pace and in their own way because they know what works best for them. "I don't tell them to say 'please' or 'thank you,'" she clarified.
Although she does not directly teach them how to act politely, she does model it for them. “My husband and I would say ’water please’ when our sons needed water, and we would say ’thank you when they got it. This taught them how society functions without us forcing it down their throats.”

#10 Pink

Source: © pink / Instagram

The 42-year-old singer-songwriter has two children, a boy, and a girl. ’’I support attachment parenting 100%... And have a very happy and healthy little girl to show for it," she says of the benefits of attachment parenting. Speaking of breastfeeding, she stated, “It’s time we support what’s healthy instead of judging it.”

#11 Reese Witherspoon

Source: © reesewitherspoon / Instagram, © reesewitherspoon / Instagram, © reesewitherspoon / Instagram

Reese Witherspoon's parenting style is anything but strict. She does, however, believe that structure is essential, but only in the most lenient sense.
Witherspoon maintains a humble balance of praise and discipline and is strongly opposed to embarrassing her kids in front of their friends. “I give each of the kids $5 when we go to the farmer’s market on the weekends. They can buy something, save it, or spend part of it and save the rest.”

#12 Sarah Michelle Gellar

Source: © sarahmgellar / Instagram

Many children are picky eaters. Before even tasting the food, they choose it based on its color, texture, and presentation. This is how Sarah Michelle Gellar devised a fantastic solution to eliminate food waste at home. She made her children pay from their allowance for food they requested but did not consume.

#13 Will Smith

Source: © willsmith / Instagram

Will Smith allows his children to express themselves freely and accepts them for who they are. His reaction, for example, to his son's interest in women's clothing was more than balanced. Smith emphasizes that the most common mistake parents make is trying to fit their child into a mold.
“I feel like a lot of times, when I was growing up, I would see parents force a child to be what you want them to be," he says. “As a parent, if it’s an oak tree, I want it to grow as an oak tree. I’m not going to try to force it to be an apple tree.”
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