13 Celebrities You Didn't Know Had Impressive Academic Backgrounds

Hollywood isn’t exactly known for being book-smart. Many celebrities don’t even finish high school, let alone attend university. While some are not interested in studying, others decide to give up it to follow their own paths. Pursuing an acting career often requires actors to have a flexible and busy schedule, which makes them hardly adhere to the timetable of a normal student. For some, quitting school seemingly doesn’t affect their path to success. And when they devote their time to their profession, they become famous and achieve many other remarkable things.
On the other hand, not all celebrities easily decide to drop out of school. They not only successfully completed their studies but also achieved many remarkable academic achievements. So we examined the educational backgrounds of some famous people and the subjects they chose to study. And we're shocked to know that a lot of our favorite celebs have a surprising academic background, some even have 2 degrees! These celebrities' academic backgrounds might be found here.
From psychobiology to law, these stars prove that you should never judge a book by its cover. Scroll down to see who they are! These Famous People With Impressive Education are great to know. 

#1 Dwayne Johnson has a bachelor’s degree in a dual criminal and physiological field

celebrities' academic backgroundsSource: Miguel Cordoba / SIPA / SIPA / East News

#2 Meghan Markle earned a bachelor’s degree in theater and international studies

celebrities' academic backgroundsSource: Nieboer / DDP Images / East News

#3 Adam Sandler has a bachelor’s degree in acting

celebrities' academic backgroundsSource: NPA / The Grosby Group / EAST NEWS

#4 Emma Watson earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Brown University

celebrities' academic backgroundsSource: ANGELA WEISS / AFP / East News

#5 Shaquille o coward is not only a famous athlete but also a doctorate degree

celebrities' academic backgroundsSource: Invision / Invision / East News

#6 Comedian Rebel Wilson holds a bachelor of art degree and a bachelor of law degree

celebrities' academic backgroundsSource: Scott Garfitt / Invision / East News

#7 Sacha Baron Cohen has a history degree from the University of Cambridge

Source: Invision / Invision / East News

#8 Kourtney Kardashian becomes an actress because she has a bachelor's degree in theatre arts

Source: face to face / FaceToFace / REPORTER / East News

#9 Dolph Lundgren has a master’s degree in chemical engineering

Source: Invision / Invision / East News

#10 Although Lisa Kudrow is best known for her role as Phoebe, a clueless yet funny blonde in "Friends," the actress really holds a bachelor of science in psychobiology

Source: Invision / Invision / East News

#11 In addition to being an actor, Cole Sprouse is also an archaeologist. While in college, he even unearthed a Dionysus mask during an excavation in Bulgaria.


#12 Famous fashion designer Miuccia Prada has a Ph.D. in political science

Source: Invision / Invision / East News

#13 Benedict Cumberbatch obtained a Master of Arts in classical acting

Source: AA / ABACA / Abaca / East News

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