12 Unexpected Things That Celebrities Asked Their Assistant To Do

It’s easy to see our favorite celebrities everywhere – on our screens, in magazines, and on billboards. However, few people see their behind-the-scenes work. To make everything have gone fine, a trusted assistant is needed. Most famous people rely on their assistants to keep track of their hectic schedules and run errands. Their presence help celebs maintain some semblance of normal life and even avoid the paparazzi. Over time, many stars and their assistants become close friends.
Many might not know that sometimes these assistants get asked to do some pretty crazy things. While shocking, it just goes to show that these famous people are completely oblivious to what is considered “normal”. There are questionable Things Celebrities Asked Their Assistant to do.
We've gathered 12 times celebs' team go beyond the usual responsibilities of a personal assistant. There are several Things Celebrities Ask Their Assistants To Do. 

#1 Justin Bieber's assistants catered to him food

Things Celebrities Ask Their AssistantsSource: © justinbieber/instagram

Unlike others, Justin Bieber has a large team of personal assistants with unusual and specific responsibilities. According to Bill Hader, when Justin Bieber arrived to film an SNL episode, one of his assistants was holding a slice of pizza for him and another was holding his drink.

#2 Lady Gaga's employee warmed her bed

Things Celebrities Ask Their AssistantsSource: © Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While touring, Lady Gaga always let her former assistant Jennifer O’Neill be by her side. The pop star even asked her employee to sleep in the same bed as her to warm it up.

#3 Oprah Winfrey hired a bra expert

Things Celebrities Ask Their AssistantsSource: © Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey used to struggle with choosing a well-fitting and comfortable bra, so she hired a bra expert. She even opened the Bra Boutique for her audience.

#4 Kim Kardashian got a team to cover her body with sand

Things Celebrities Ask Their AssistantsSource: Jordan Strauss / Invision / East News

The star hired 2 people to cover parts of her body with sand when she was taking part in a photoshoot in Thailand. Kim sat on a ledge, dressed in a gold bikini, while a team patted her body with sand to make it stick in place.

#5 Rod Stewart employed somebody to make sure his room dark

Things Celebrities Ask Their AssistantsSource: © s_bukley/

For the singer, getting a good night’s sleep is very important. He even hired people to ensure that his room is dark enough for him to rest undisturbed.

#6 Gwyneth Paltrow hired healthy experts

Source: © gwynethpaltrow/instagram

It’s not surprising that Gwyneth Paltrow wanted to hire healthy experts. However, it’s reported that she has a big team, including osteopaths, naturopaths, nutritionists, massage therapists, and personal trainers to keep her in shape.

#7 Mariah Carey has a person who holds her drink

Source: © mariahcarey/instagram

To make sure her lipstick doesn’t smudge, Mariah Carey hires a person whose only task is to hold her drink with a straw.

#8 Mariah Carey has a person who holds her drink

Source: © Kathy Hutchins/

Mark Wahlberg hired a person whose mission was to wake up him in the morning, instead of buying an alarm clock.

#9 CeeLo Green hired someone to make sure he always looks great

Source: © Jean_Nelson/

It’s easy to be stressed when attending events and holding concerts so CeeLo Green decides to employ someone to make sure that he always looks great. His assistants wipe the sweat off his brows and even put gum in his mouth.

#10 Ludacris's assistant is tasked to ensure his game console always has fresh batteries

Source: © everett225/

The Fast and Furious star likes to play old-school games so much that a person in his team is asked to make sure that his Game Boy console always has fresh batteries.

#11 Ariana Grande's employees steped in to carry her after a show

Source: © Tinseltown/

After a tiring show, the singer’s bodyguards and personal assistant are tasked with carrying her. It’s because singing and dancing in high heels can become painful so Ariana Grande sometimes needs some extra help.

#12 Russell Crowe's chef was tasked with preparing his toddler's meals

Source: © s_bukley/

It’s common that celebs have their personal chefs but not many hire someone who only caters to their toddler. Russell Crowe employed a chef who was only tasked with preparing his toddler’s meals.
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