12 Secrets About Disney Characters That Only Snow White's Magic Mirror Could Uncover

Most of us grew up watching Disney character and regarded them as our idols as children and even cried along with them when they did. We have kept those cartoons as treasured mementos from our youth as the years passed. Even though you've watched these movies thousands of times, we claim that those cartoons hid many secrets you may never notice.
Well-known characters like Pinocchio, princesses like Aurora and Elsa, and classic figures like Minnie Mouse, all have their secrets. You won't be able to stop wondering how some of these movies would have turned out if things hadn't been changed to the way they are today once you've discovered all of these facts. Additionally, you'll have a collection of brand-new insider info that will amaze your Disney-loving friends. The Secrets of Disney Characters might be found here
For the sake of love and passion, we compiled some facts about this fascinating fantasy world that only a few people know about. Continue reading and tell us which Disney character brings back the most childhood memories for you. See Secrets About Disney Characters here.

#1 A character that runs in the blood

Secrets About Disney CharactersSource: © Moana / Hurwitz Creative and co-producers, © Diabolik / Wikimedia Commons, © (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Maui was voiced by Dwayne Johnson in the 2016 film Moana. Few people realize that The Rock's grandfather, who was also a wrestler, inspired the character. Johnson stated it this way on social media: “A little Disney secret, my character Maui was inspired, in part, by my late grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia of Samoa. #thankful.”

#2 A distinctive look

Secrets About Disney CharactersSource: © Sleeping Beauty / Walt Disney Animation Studios

We don't know if Aurora already had this abnormality in her eyes when the fairy godmothers came to leave her the gifts, or if she got it after such a deep sleep. Sleeping Beauty is the only Disney princess who has violet eyes.

#3 A king with a lion’s name

Secrets About Disney CharactersSource: © The Lion King / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers

Here's a hint if you've ever wondered where the names of so many characters came from. The names for The Lion King, for example, are derived from the African Swahili language, in which Simba means lion, Nala means gift or beloved, Pumba means stupid, Rafiki means buddy, and Shenzi means wild.

#4 A mouse on the Walk of Fame

Secrets About Disney CharactersSource: © Fantasia / Walt Disney Animation Studios, © Witchblue / Wikimwdia Commons, © (CC0 1.0)

The world's most famous mouse rose from the screen to become one of the most identifiable symbols of all time. He entered the Walk of Fame in 1978 to honor his 50th birthday. Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character to join the famed Hollywood landmark's more than 2,700 stars.

#5 A mouse with a big name

Source: © New York Weenie / Disney Television Animation, © mickeymouse / Instagram

Mortimer Mouse was the original name for the famous cartoon mouse. However, it was Walt Disney's wife, Lillian Bounds, who persuaded him to name him Mickey Mouse. Michael Theodore Mouse is the full name of our beloved rodent, whereas Mortimer is a side character who is in love with Minnie.

#6 A short and surreal fate

Source: © Destino / Walt Disney Feature Animation

In 1946, two of the greatest architects of twentieth-century fantasy, Salvador Dal and Walt Disney, began an adventure in surrealism and animation. The result was a short film that sadly only lasted 15 seconds before being dropped.
Edward Disney, Disney's vice president, took up the project and published Destino in 2003. A 6-minute film with a lot of art that had to wait more than 50 years to be shown.

#7 A very long feature film

Source: © The Nightmare Before Christmas / Touchstone Pictures and co-producers

The Nightmare Before Christmas was done in three years by a crew of 100 employees. Sequences of 12 stop-motion actions were required to create one second of footage. In other words, 720 images had to be taken in one minute and 43,200 photographs had to be shot in one hour. We couldn't imagine how terrible a mistake would be.

#8 An Oscar that’s worth seven

Source: © Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs / Walt Disney Animation Studios, © Christopher Michel / Wikimedia Commons, © (CC BY 2.0)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was launched in 1937 and soon became a box-office success. Walt Disney was awarded an honorary Oscar for that film in 1939. While the statuette was a standard size, it came with seven "little Oscars" on a staggering base. It is one of the most unique prizes awarded by the Academy.

#9 Minnie Mouse’s real name

Source: © Steamboat Willie / Walt Disney Productions, © minniemouse / Instagram

Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse's adorable girlfriend, is one of Disney's most beloved characters. We've seen her in outfits and headgear that have won people's hearts since her first appearance in 1928. Her polka dot costumes later made her a fashion icon.
You might be surprised to learn that Minnie's full name is Minerva Mouse. The Gleam comic strip from 1942 exposed this.

#10 Singing with the enemy

Source: © Pinocchio / Walt Disney Animation Studios, © Frozen / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

Pinocchio was launched in 1940 and quickly became another iconic Disney character. So far you may have missed the fact that it was the first time in the film that the main character sang with the bad guys. We're talking about the song Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee-Dee.
The second occurrence was in 2013, in Frozen, when Anna sang Love Is An Open Door with Hans, making Anna the first princess to sing with a villain.

#11 The little mouse that learned to speak

Source: © The Karnival Kid / Walt Disney Productions, © Mickey Mouse Clubhouse / Disney Television Animation

In 1929, Mickey Mouse said "hot dogs!" for the first time on screen. Nobody had ever heard him talk before. So, if you ever hear the cute little mouse in Mickey Mouse's House say "hot dogs!" you'll know it's a reference to his first words.

#12 Two queens, one crown

Source: © Atlantis: The Lost Empire / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers, © Frozen / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

Only one princess is crowned queen on screen in Disney's stories: Elsa from Frozen. Of course, Princess Kida becomes a queen in Atlantis: The Lost Empire, but her coronation is not filmed. Kida is the first princess to be crowned queen, while Elsa is the first to be crowned on film.
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