12 Penn Badgley Movies And TV Shows You Should Watch Now, Ranked

Penn Badgley has become synonymous with the antihero character, Joe Goldberg in the fourth season of ‘You’ Netflix. However, prior to his work on the hit Netflix series, the actor dabbled in a variety of other character types. Before Netflix's You, here are 12 of Penn Badgley's best performances in famous movies and TV Shows ranked.

#12. John Tucker Must Die (2006)

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Penn Badgley plays Scott Tucker in his feature film debut. He is John Tucker, the film's deceitful heartthrob, and overall honest and intelligent brother. Scott befriends the protagonist, Kate, and frequently serves as her moral compass as she plots to destroy John Tucker in every way imaginable. Scott Tucker, the nerdy guy with a golden heart who frequently appears in romantic comedies, is played flawlessly by Badgley.

#11. The Mountain (TV series 2004-2005)

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On the dramatic series "The Mountain," two brothers vie for ownership of a ski resort when their grandfather dies and leaves his legacy in their hands. Badgley appeared as Sam, alongside David Carver (Oliver Hudson), Will Carver (Anson Mount), and Gennie Carver (Barbara Hershey).  Critics felt like they were dragged along by the dramatic series' sleepy plot lines and they wished that it had dared to aim higher. 
"The actors are attractive, and the locales are breathtaking," wrote Hal Boedeker for the Orlando Sentinel. "But 'The Mountain' is empty — it's 'Dynasty' without the fun."

#10. The Paper Store (2016)

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Bagley portrays Sigurd Rossdale in this 2016 romance-drama. Sigurd is in a tumultous affair with Annalee Monegan (Stef Dawson), an academic genius who exploits her own writing skills in order to profit off her fellow college students. Sigurd embodies many of the qualities of Joe Goldberg; intellectual, eloquent, and charming in his own right. Unlike Goldberg, though, Rossadale is actually a decent guy, simply trying to break the emotional barrier between him and Annalee.

#9. Cymbeline (2015)

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Summary: Based on Shakespeare's "Cymbeline," this action-adventure retelling of the classic play pits dirty cops against a biker gang in the throes of a turbulent drug war. Badgley starred as Posthumus alongside Imogen (Dakota Johnson), Cloten (Anton Yelchin), and Iachimo (Ethan Hawke). 
Critics lamented the talents of a great cast going to waste in a messy, scattered retelling of a revered work. "A mash-up of social media shortcomings and Shakespearean tragedy that becomes as much a tale of cinematic ambition gone awry as anything the Bard intended," Betsy Sharkey wrote for the Los Angeles Times

#8. Easy-A (2010)

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This romantic comedy stars Emma Stone as Olive Penderghast, a high schooler who falls victim to a vicious rumor that turns her into an overnight sensation among her peers. Olive makes the predicament worse by going along with the rumor in order to help her classmates keep their own secrets, and ultimately ends up a social pariah. Nevertheless, Todd (portrayed by Badgley) remains her one and only confidante and supports Olive through her entire ordeal, winning over Olive's heart in the process. Todd is one of Penn Badgley's most endearing portrayals, and a demonstration of Badgley's vast acting range by portraying a character entirely opposite of Joe Goldberg.

#7. Forever Strong (2008)

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Summary: After facing a second criminal charge, star rugby player Rick Penning (Sean Faris) hits rock bottom in the sports drama "Forever Strong." Desperate to prove himself, Rick breaks away from the influences of his former teammate Lars (Badgley) and finds inspiration from his juvenile detention center's lead Marcus Tate (Sean Astin).
Most critics rolled their eyes at the sappy drama "Forever Strong," writing that its message failed to hit home and the overall flick was difficult to take seriously. 
"Created under the vague guise of 'inspirational cinema,' 'Strong' is a sloppy, soggy pile of clichés, unable to sort itself out, grow a pair of cinematic cojones, and actually try to subvert some of its rancid formula," critic Brian Orndorf wrote in his scathing review of the film.

#6. Do Over (2002)

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This teen comedy aired on the WB back in 2002. The plot follows Joel Larson, a man transported back to the early '80s from 2002 to relive his adolescence. Equipped with the knowledge of a thirty-five-year old man trapped in a teenage body, Joel is able to help his friends and family rewrite the decisions that lead them to become their miserable future selves. Despite its intriguing plot and a hilarious performance by Badgley, this show was canceled after one season.

#5. The Young and the Restless

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Penn Badgley's first screen role was in the daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless, where he portrays the son of Nina Webster and Phillip Chancellor III, Phillip Chancellor. While the character himself has been portrayed by several actors, Badgley's performance garnered widespread acclaim and earned him a nomination for a Young Artist Award.

#4. Adam Green’s Aladdin (2016)

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Adam Green's Aladdin has Penn Badgley portraying The Prince of Monaco in this campy retelling of the Disney classic. Though not one of Badgley's memorable works given his short screen time, the film manages to properly showcase Badgley's innate comedic wit.

#3. Gossip Girl

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Penn Badgley's most iconic role next to Joe Goldberg, Dan Humphrey, is the heartthrob that maintains an on and off relationship with Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen. Dashing, poetic, and a skilled blogger holding an infectious view on life, Dan has a way with words that makes Serena learn to see people beyond their looks; Dan is a perfect balance to her extroverted and sometimes shallow demeanor. Dan Humphrey is what Joe Goldberg has the potential to be...minus the psychopathic tendencies. Of course, Dan is flawed, but his romantic spirit ultimately shines and proves him to be the ideal partner for Serena compared to her other dating prospects during Gossip Girls' six-season run.

#2. Margin Call (2011)

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Margin Call has Penn Badgley portraying Seth Bregman, a businessman pulled into the works of a financial crisis by his colleague, Peter Sullivan. Bregman is one of Badgley's most relatable characters; someone who works strenuously to achieve success within his company, but is one bad move away from losing it all. Seth Bregman represents working class citizens that spend their entire lives trying to establish themselves in capitalist America, only to find their every effort thwarted by those born into power.

#1. The Stepfather (2009)

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A remake of the 1987 cult horror film, "The Stepfather" centers around David Harris (Dylan Wash), a deranged man who marries into families hoping to find the perfect fit. When his new stepson (Badgley) grows suspicious of David's motives, he risks paying the ultimate price: his life.
Critics felt like the 2009 remake of "The Stepfather" droned on, lacking the drive needed for a well-spun thriller. "The genre has diverged into two paths: the brutally gruesome and suspenseful," wrote Perri Nemiroff for Cinema Blend. "This is going for the latter, which would have been fine if it were in fact thrilling is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated TV & Movies.
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