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  1. #1. The Death Of Will Friend Bevin Prince Broke Silence

The Death Of Will Friend Bevin Prince Broke Silence

Searching for information about Will Friend Bevin Prince? Here we go! On Friday, December 2, Prince, 39, finally spoke up about the event, saying, "It's a horrible living nightmare," on the "1 on 1 With Jon Evans" podcast. That day was just like a million others we'd had before. We were safe aboard the boat, and the storm was out in the distance. Then suddenly, everything was different. You can't look to the past for guidance since "this isn't normal," and there's no way to prepare for it.
She elaborated, "Right away the people who were on the boat next to us—a nurse, an ex-military man, and a bounty hunter—responded so quickly. The police boat then happened to be passing nearby at the precise time. This allowed them to transfer him to the police vessel. As far as I was concerned, nothing could have been done. And I have to admit that the scope of this issue is beyond my current comprehension.

#1. The Death Of Will Friend Bevin Prince Broke Silence

Will Friend Bevin Prince Source: Getty Images
On Sunday, July 3, the One Tree Hill alum's husband of six years was killed by lightning near his home in Wilmington, North Carolina. He was 33. WECT News reports that the CEO was injured in an accident while boating on Masonboro Island. For twenty minutes, paramedics tried to revive Friend, but they were unsuccessful.
On the subject of her husband's death, Prince stated on Friday, "You know, it's still very day to day." When things aren't going well, it helps to remember myself that I can go one of two ways. Either I remain on Earth, or I do not, and the latter is not an option. Therefore, I am down to one viable alternative. When Will died, I told myself, "OK, I was fortunate enough to experience the kind of love, support, and collaboration that I know so many people will never feel; therefore my life now a service." The only purpose I have left is to serve others. The conversation is over. I will continue to serve my neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family with all my heart. So far, that's all I've learned. Sadly, that's all I can do. The only other choice is that."
In May 2016, Prince and her late husband were married in Turks & Caicos. On their anniversary in 2021, the Groupie star posted an Instagram message to her husband. "5 years old now. She thanked him, saying, "Winston and I are so happy to know you, love you, and learn with you." They had a puppy. As a couple, we've accomplished a lot, and I couldn't be happier with the life we've made for ourselves. I can't imagine my life without you, my sweetheart. Please know how much I appreciate you.
In 2020, the pair uprooted their lives and moved to North Carolina, where they frequently posted photos of themselves on the state's beautiful beaches. It was said in Friend's Instagram bio that he was an "amateur average triathlete." Odette Annable, a mutual acquaintance, expressed her condolences on Instagram after the London native's unexpected passing.
Annable, 37, posted on Twitter on July 6 that "the unthinkable had happened, and we have to bid goodbye to another buddy, @britwilliam, my dearest friend @bevinaprince's wonderful spouse." Will, it's strange to be putting these words on paper. Most notably because you may have had the impression that you were just getting begun. Thanks to the life and love you provided my closest buddy, I didn't mind being separated by thousands of miles.


Will Friend Bevin Prince
As the former Supergirl explained, "I kept thinking what a gift you gave Bevin. It was a blessing for all who knew you to behold the fire that burned so brightly within your heart. I'd never witnessed such a burning desire to make a difference in the world, to succeed in business, and to pursue pleasure. …. She found no flaws in you because you filled every conceivable void in her life.
The creator of Recess mentioned on Friday how sympathetic her friends have been after the disaster. Her former co-stars on OTH, including Hilarie Burton and Lee Norris, canceled their plans to be with her once the news of Friend's death was announced.
During an interview with Jon Evans, Prince remarked that Will was the most loyal person he had ever encountered. "I learnt so much from him by witnessing how he handles people and shows up for them," Prince continued. There was a complete turnout for him and me, so you had no choice but to stand up and face the music. His birthday was on the upcoming Sunday, and plans had already been made to celebrate his life, and I could feel Will's presence in my very bones as I prepared for the event. Knowing that man would have done it for anyone in his right mind, I felt his arms around me as he encouraged me to speak up.
In 2019, Prince and Friend launched their exercise company, Recess. On Tuesday, July 5, the cycling brand posted a touching photo of the couple to their official Instagram account in response to the news of the triathlete's loss.
The outpouring of affection and support from the Recess fandom humbles us. The wisdom, direction, and encouragement of Will are the bedrock upon which Recess stands," the message stated. Nothing inspired Will more than seeing successful women in business, and he had great respect for the American Dream and those who pursued it. We all know he hoped the company would grow and flourish so that more people could find jobs. Will's dream for his legacy was to help others find fulfilling careers.
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