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  1. #1. Black Dahlia Unsolved Mysteries: Corner Kicks & Derek Van Diest

Black Dahlia Unsolved Mysteries: The Final Answer

Searching for information about the Black Dahlia Unsolved Mysteries case? Here we go! The words "America's Unknown Child" were the only ones to appear on the headstone of the young child who had been beaten and then ruthlessly shoved into a butter box. He was only ever referred to as "the Boy in the Box" by the hardened homicide detectives working in Philadelphia.

#1. Black Dahlia Unsolved Mysteries: Corner Kicks & Derek Van Diest

Black Dahlia Unsolved Mysteries Source: Unsolved Mysteries
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Now, after 65 years of secrecy, cold-case investigators in the City of Brotherly Love are on the verge of identifying the child at the center of one of the most perplexing mysteries in the history of the United States.
Reports from local news outlets state that DNA evidence has been used to identify the young victim positively, and the Philadelphia Police Department intends to make the young man's identity public at a press conference scheduled for the following week.

The Boy In The Box Unsolved Mysteries: Updated News

Black Dahlia Unsolved Mysteries
According to accounts in the Philadelphia media, the DNA led investigators to a birth certificate that had become yellowed and, ultimately, a name. Ivy Hill Cemetery secretary and treasurer Dave Drysdale expressed his delight with the news to KYW-TV, saying, "I think it's wonderful." "One day, a name will go on there, and it will be amazing when it happens. It will turn out wonderfully.
He continued by saying, "I just wish that the police officers and all the people who were involved who have since died away were still here to witness it because that was one of their aspirations, and a couple of them stated, 'I hope they live long enough to see a name put on there.'"
The body of a little child, estimated to be between three and seven years old, was found on February 25, 1957, inside a cardboard butter box in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia. This discovery marked the beginning of the mystery.
He was stripped naked and appeared to have suffered severe head trauma. His entire body was covered in bruises, and he appeared to have been severely injured in the head. In addition to this, he suffered from severe malnutrition. In the intervening 65 years, homicide police have gone to extraordinary lengths to attach a name to their victim, who was only a child. The end outcome was anger and crying as a result of the frustration.


Black Dahlia Unsolved Mysteries
A bassinet that had been purchased from JC Penney and had a retail price of $7.50 was one of the clues that had been left at the scene of the crime. The police also discovered a man's royal blue corduroy newsboy cap, which they believe may have belonged to the person who committed the murder.
In addition, a flannel blanket that had been recently laundered and patched up was discovered at the scene. The blanket had been used to cover the boy. The local media was informed by the police that they now have his identification and that he may still face charges for the crime.
The identity of the Boy in the Box has remained a mystery even though there have been numerous public appeals over the decades. This puts it on par with the unsolved dismemberment murder of Elizabeth Short in 1947, referred to as the Black Dahlia by the Los Angeles newspapers of the time. The body of the deceased youngster has been exhumed twice over the years, and DNA has been collected in both instances.
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