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  1. #1. Amber Wilde Missing: Any Updated News?

Amber Wilde Missing In Unsolved Mysteries: Updated News

Searching for information about Amber Wilde Missing Unsolved Mysteries? Here we go! 24-years have passed since Amber Wilde, a student at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay, vanished without a trace. Amber Wilde's aunt Laurie Ehnert remarked, "I never in my wildest thoughts would have believed that it would be going on for this long and without having any answers."
Ehnert claimed that she and her family were releasing a biodegradable balloon in honor of Amber in West Bend. Ehnert remarked, "I have six grandkids now, and I try to teach them a little about her." "Her two sisters both have children now, and it's important to them that those children learn about Amber and the kind of person she was," the sister said.

#1. Amber Wilde Missing: Any Updated News?

Amber Wilde Missing Source: Unsolved Mysteries
On September 23, 1998, a Wednesday was the last time anyone saw Amber. On the day she vanished, she was 19 years old. After getting into a small car accident, Amber called her loved ones to let them know she was fine. It was 7:16 p.m. when she called from the apartment on August Street where she was staying. After that, nobody knew if she had ever heard from her parents again.
In the time between when she disappeared and when she gave birth, Amber was just over four months pregnant."At this point, you know, he or she would have graduated from high school. Ehnert remarked, "It's crazy to think of her as a mother; she looks like she's only 19!
Amber's silver 1998 Subaru Outback with four doors was discovered on October 1st, not far from Lambeau Field, at the now-defunct 50-Yard Line Sports Bar and Roadstar Inn on Lombardi Access Road. According to the FBI, witnesses stated that they had seen the vehicle parked there on September 28, 1998. There were 600 miles of mystery on it. Amber's wallet and the phone had been stashed away in the boot. The car's key was already inside the ignition. The seat for the driver was reclined completely. This is an unnatural position for a short person like Amber (who was barely 5'5").

#2. What Insiders Have Said?

Amber Wilde Missing
Green Bay Detective Dave Graf, in charge of the investigation, said, "The case, as always, is still an open investigation and continues to be worked on when leads become available." DNA processing is one area where forensics investigation methods are rapidly developing. I hope that Amber's family can find peace of mind in the eventual resolution of this matter. Don't hesitate to contact the Green Bay Police Department for information about Amber's disappearance.
"She was a young woman with plans and dreams, and she was taken away from us," Ehnert said. "We just want to find some answers to what happened to her and, you know, be able to lay her to rest."
This unsolved case has been the subject of news coverage for twenty years. In 2016, unsealed court documents indicated that Amber Wilde's unplanned pregnancy was a factor in the case. According to the papers, Matthew Schneider, the father of the unborn child, is a primary suspect. In an interview with Action 2 News, Detective David Graf said it has been challenging to communicate with Schneider and his loved ones.

Amber Wilde Missing In Unsolved Mysteries Case Is Still Questionable

Amber Wilde Missing
"They still haven't answered our concerns regarding what they were doing that day and the days after," Graf told Action 2 News in 2018. We are aware that we have been misled. How do you get someone to explain themselves? Our anger is directed in that direction.
According to the subpoenas, a private court session was held in which a friend of Matthew Schneider was required to testify. This type of hearing is also known as a John Doe hearing. "He could not remember what he did that night," Nick Petit said. Although he indicated, he was "probably not home," this is not certain. Petit and Schneider have not been arrested in connection with the incident.
The best way to be anonymous if you have information for the police is to use CrimeStoppers. We're happy to announce that Amber Wilde can now be found in NamUs. That's the database for unidentified and missing persons in the United States. More interviews have been conducted by out-of-state police thanks to the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. Besides us, "I think there are other individuals that know that might be heroes and come up and help Amber's family," Graf added.
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