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  1. #1. What They Talked About The White Lotus Pee Pee Scene?

The White Lotus Pee Pee Scene: Insiders' Revelation

Searching for The White Lotus Pee Pee scene? Here we go! Theo James is done avoiding the topic of his "ginormous" prosthetic penis for The White Lotus and is ready to discuss it.
He acknowledged on The Tonight Show that he had a fake "pee-pee" for the moment in which his playboy character Cameron undresses to change into a swimsuit, which has been the subject of internet speculation since the premiere of the show. Even he was shocked by how big it was.

#1. What They Talked About The White Lotus Pee Pee Scene?

The White Lotus Pee Pee Scene Source: Getty Images
Actor Theo James described the process of using prosthetics for Friday's episode, saying, "The fact of it was, you walk into these sequences, and you have a chat with the director and the producers, and they go, 'Okay, for this, we're going to use a prosthetic. To which you respond, "Okay, that sounds okay." However, the episode's plot changed after James discussed his ideal penis with the makeup artist Rebecca Hickey.
After being asked what he wanted, he informed Jimmy Fallon, "Honestly, I want it not to be distracting. "He needs to be an average joe because the scenario isn't about peeing; it's about power dynamics and sex. It's about whether or not he did it on purpose, whether or not it was an accident, and what all of that implies. Then she assures you, "I got you." You didn't fool me. An Everyday Joe'"

The Seems Hilarious With Someone

The White Lotus Pee Pee Scene
The false peen was not your average Joe. James: "We arrive on stage, and she's got a hammer or whatever." "It dwarfs that, obviously. That donkey must have found it in the field and given it to her. Huge! It's a monster of a device. Mike White, the filmmaker, and I were both sitting there thinking, "That's... mediocre, is it?""
He said that after seeing the prosthetic, he and White immediately "called our respective partners being like 'I'm so sorry.'" What's more, "It was roughly four inches in width and nine inches in length. We looked at it and wondered, "What the hell is that?"" James told Entertainment Weekly in November that the final moment fans saw of him and his prosthetic penis was a considerably toned-down performance than what was originally in the screenplay.
"There's no getting around the fact that its origins are quite forthright. When we were filming it, it seemed like too much of an effort "As he put it. "What we settled on is murkier, and Mike excels at such opacity. It's difficult to know exactly what each character is up to." For the sequence, James said, "it felt natural," and he joked, "it is in my contract that I'm not permitted to do anything without being naked." In the video above, James talks about the "pee-pee scene" and how he got a bottle of urine hurled at him while playing in a college folk band.
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