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  1. #1. UFC Fighter Face Tattoos: Cody Garbrandt

UFC Fighter Face Tattoos: Cody Garbrandt Is The Iconic

Searching for UFC fighter face tattoos of Cody Garbrandt? Here we go! Cody Garbrandt, a fighter for the UFC, just added a new facial tattoo to his huge collection of body art; however, some of his supporters are mystified by the latest addition to his body art.
The former world champion at bantamweight took to Instagram to show off his most recent piece of body art, which is one of more than 35 tattoos he presently possesses. On the other hand, the location of the tattoo, as well as its significance of it, has caused some enthusiasts to have a little difficulty grasping its meaning.

#1. UFC Fighter Face Tattoos: Cody Garbrandt

UFC Fighter Face Tattoos cody garbrandt face tattoo, cody garbrandt tattoo face Source: Getty Images
The UFC fighter, who is 31 years old, recently showed off a new tattoo that is an image of one side of a tiger's head. The picture is amazing and precise. The placement of tattoo is close to his ear. The new face tattoo was created by Sarah Lo, an artist born in Brazil and who worked in the industry. Previous clients of Sarah Lo's include musician and record producer Ronny J and rapper Trippie Redd.
A picture of the finished artwork, a video of Lo tattooing Cody, and a boomerang of Lo removing the tattoo stencil from the face of the warrior are all included in the post-Cody published on Instagram.
"DO YOU SHAKE AT THE SIGHT OF THE TIGER?" The fans "DON'T GET" the new ink Cody Garbrandt has gotten, which is a tattoo. Since he made the public debut of his new face art, a few of his supporters have voiced some degree of confusion regarding the meaning of the tattoo and why it is situated so close to his ear. This has occurred since he made the public premiere of his new face art.
On the photograph that was posted to Instagram, one of the users left the comment, "Ear of the tiger?" For the benefit of those who aren't in the know, this is a reference to Survivor's iconic song "Eye of the Tiger," which is most famously associated with the Rocky movie franchise.
Another person made the comment, "I don't know about that one." A third of the respondents simply responded, "I don't get it," as their comment.

The collection of tattoos of CODY GARBRAND

 UFC Fighter Face Tattoos  cody garbrandt face tattoo, cody garbrandt tattoo face
Garbrandt, who is coming off of back-to-back losses at the hands of Rob Font and Kai Kara-France, has discussed or exposed the meaning of his tattoos in the past. Garbrandt is coming off of his most recent loss to Rob Font. As of right now, he is still recovering from those losses.
This is merely the most recent addition to the American professional mixed martial artist's ever-expanding collection of tattoos; he is considered to be quite the connoisseur of body art because of his extensive collection of tattoos.
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