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  1. #1. 'The Peripheral' Book Summary

'The Peripheral' Book Summary: Brief Recap

Searching for the Peripheral book summary? Here we go! The American-Canadian author William Gibson's 2014 science fiction novel The Peripheral is set in a few post-apocalyptic futures where capitalism has turned most people into things and made them feel like outsiders. The story follows a 3D printing shop worker named Flynne Fisher and a publicist named Wilf Netherton, who are caught up in a plot to change the course of history.
The book's name comes from the "peripherals," a group of artificial avatars who are important to the story and make time travel possible by sending human brain activity across time. Like many of Gibson's other work, the novel is heavily influenced by theories about new media and recent conversations about the Earth's ecological future in light of how climate change is getting worse.

#1. 'The Peripheral' Book Summary

The Peripheral Book recap, 'The Peripheral' Book Summary
The story starts in an unnamed rural American town around the middle of the 21st century. Flynne Fisher lives with her single mother and her brother, Burton. Burton used to be one of the top officers in the Marines, but he has brain damage now because his team put a broken cybernetic device in him. Burton leaves home to join a counter-protest against an extreme religious group, and he asks Fisher to cover his shift as a security officer for a virtual game world.
Fisher agrees, but neither knows that the job involves watching people in a "branch" of the future. Fisher starts to doubt the job when she sees a man kill a woman, who is eaten by a swarm of "assemblers." These are tiny robots that break down complex matter into simpler building blocks. The story moved to the early 21st century when Wilf Netherton lived. Several decades ago, after a global climate disaster, the world government held a lottery called "The Jackpot."
The goal was to create a new social order that would make people less likely to fight with each other. Netherton goes with American celebrity and diplomat Daedra West to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, now a solid landmass, to make peace with the people there. These people are called "Patchers." In a bad fight, Daedra kills Hamed al-Habib, the boss of the Patchers, and then runs away. Netherton meets up with his friend Lev Zubov, the son of a very wealthy Russian family of oligarchs.

Recap In Book Version

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Lev tells him that Daedra's sister, Aelita, was killed while Burton Fisher watched her. They find him to see if he knows anything about the person who killed her. Burton tells Netherton to talk to Fisher, and Fisher tells Burton and Lev what Netherton saw. Netherton hides that the murder happened in real life and not just in a computer game. He tells her that whoever killed Aelita is now looking for Burton, so Burton and his friends set up a military force at their house.
In the meantime, Netherton and Lev meet with the detective working on Aelita's case, Ainsley Lowbeer. She plans for Fisher to go to the future through a side door. They find her online and tell her that they are from the same future as her and that she saw them kill someone. Lowbeer gets Netherton and Fisher to go to Daedra's party because he thinks there will be more evidence there. Conner, friends with Burton, guards them against another peripheral by flying it.
Fisher is taken by Corbell Pickett, a drug lord who has been paid off by the people who killed Aelita under the name "Matryoshka." Conner and Burton save her, and Netherton gives them jobs at Coldiron USA, which will compete with Matryoshka in the future. On the night of Daedra's party, Fisher sees the person who killed Aelita. This time, the man and Daedra are the ones who take her away. The man says his name is Hamed al-Habib and that he faked his death with Daedra and had plastic surgery.


the peripheral book summary
The two planned to sell the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and killed Aelita because they feared she would tell on them. Conner and Burton fight with Hamed and his ally, Sir Henry, and then save Fisher and Netherton. The last two are killed, but Daedra is caught and given a punishment. At the book's end, Fisher marries a police officer she has loved for a long time. Netherton sends Conner, paralyzed from the waist down, instructions for making bionic limbs with 3D printing.
Netherton falls in love with an old coworker, and through their quantum channel, he stays in touch with Fisher. Fisher also keeps a line of communication open with Fisher's huge company, Milagros Coldiron, so that they can work together to fix the social and environmental problems in her universe and grow a branch of spacetime that is more peaceful. The Peripheral is full of words the author made up, and it jumps back and forth between different, chaotic future worlds. Gibson's story shows that there are just as many ways to fix and destroy the environment as there are ways for technology to improve.
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