Best Netflix Horror Movies - All The Best Horror Releases On Netflix

Here are the best terrible horror movies on Netflix 2022 that don't depend on jump scares. Many terrible horror movies have been added to Netflix's library recently, and they're sure to make you jump out of your skin!
Despite the fact that horror films come in a wide variety of formats and lengths, the adrenaline a jump scare provides is unmatched in the world of film. The "jump scare" has pleased and frightened viewers for decades and is regarded as one of the most horrifying and effective parts of a horror film. Many will say that it's maybe the place where horror's magic is most sparked.

#1. End of the Road

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If you're in the mood for a high-octane action thriller, this one is for you.
In this movie, Brenda (Queen Latifah) and her family head out on a cross-country road trip to get away from the stress of their lives, but what they find in New Mexico isn't what they expected. They're not alone in the desert—there's a mysterious killer on their trail!

#2. Lou

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A storm is raging. A young girl has been kidnapped. Her mother (Jurnee Smollett) joins forces with the strange woman next door (Allison Janney) to track down the kidnapper – a trip that challenges their resolve and reveals terrible truths from their pasts.

#3. Harrigan’s Phone

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Craig (Jaeden Martell), a young child from a tiny village, befriends Mr. Harrigan, an elderly recluse billionaire (Donald Sutherland), and the two create an unexpected friendship over their love of books and reading. When Mr. Harrigan dies, Craig realizes that not all is lost and gone, and he oddly finds himself able to interact with his buddy from the grave via his iPhone. This mystical coming-of-age narrative demonstrates that certain ties are never broken. Based on Stephen King's short tale.

#4. The Midnight Club

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The eight members of the Midnight Club gather each night at midnight in a hospice with a shadowy past to share ominous tales and search for evidence of the supernatural. This new horror series by Mike Flanagan, Trevor Macy's Intrepid Pictures (The Haunting of Hill House, Midnight Mass), and Leah Fong is based on the writings of best-selling novelist Christopher Pike.

#5. Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes

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Through recently discovered taped conversations with Jeffrey Dahmer's defense team, this three-part documentary series examines the deranged psyche of the serial murderer, demonstrating the ways that race, sexuality, class, and policing allowed him to prey upon Milwaukee's underprivileged groups.

#6. The Curse of Bridge Hollow

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After an old and mischievous ghost causes Halloween decorations to come to life and wreak havoc, a father (Marlon Wayans) and his teenage daughter (Priah Ferguson) are compelled to work together to preserve their town.

#7. Troll

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After being confined for a thousand years deep below the Dovre mountain, something massive wakes. The beast is destroying everything in its path as it approaches Norway's capital. But how can you put an end to something that you believed existed only in Norwegian tales?

#8. Wednesday

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The series follows Wednesday Addams as she spends her years as a student at Nevermore Academy trying to master her developing psychic ability, stop a horrific killing spree that has terrorized the neighborhood, and solve the murder mystery that involved her parents 25 years ago — all while juggling her new and complicated relationships at Nevermore.

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