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'Wild Flower' Lyrics RM Meaning: His Own Experiences

Searching for the Wild Flower Lyrics RM Meaning? Here we go! The debut solo album from the leader of BTS, Indigo, has finally been released. Yun, Forgetfulness, Lonely, No. 2, Still Life, Closer, Hectic, All Day, Change Pt 2, and Playing With Wildflowers are the ten tunes that make up this album. Additionally, the music video for "Wild Flower" has been released.
Following J-Hope and Jin's footsteps, RM has just released his debut album as a solo artist. Indigo, which he has dubbed the 'last archive of his twenties,' covers his feelings and experiences over the past decade, both as a person and as a musician. He has referred to the album as the 'final archive of his twenties.'

#1. Wild Flower Lyrics RM Meaning

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One of the song's lyrics lines is titled "When all this celebrity turned into shackles," and it discusses RM's experience with the negative side effects of stardom. In a different section of the song, RM thinks back to when he was in his early 20s, possibly before BTS became famous, and questions the motivation for his desire for recognition and success in the first place. He sings, "Now I can't recall what I desired so passionately," and the song is about his memory loss.
RM started out as a rapper for the band, but over the years, he has found that poetry is a better outlet for his interests. RM has been coping with the feelings that come along with fame and success for the past decade, and the song "Wild Flower" explores some of those feelings.

ARMY Supports Him, As Always

Wild Flower Lyrics RM Meaning
ARMY was captivated by the song, as evidenced by a tweet from one of their followers that read, "It's really lovely, and deep. I'm shaken." Another admirer commented that the song was "lyrically gorgeous, everything," praising the voice, the rap, the profound lyrics, the cinematography in the music video, and the production. "The #WildFlower is a stunning flower.
And vulnerable. When RM sang about his struggles, it made my heart ache as he searched for his place and significance in the grand scheme of things while being encased in the gilded cage of fame. And along that search, there are both moments of sorrow and moments of wonder, depending on the day. "#IndigoByRM," a third devoted reader commented.


RM discussed his upcoming album in an interview with Pharrell Williams. He stated, "I've released some mixtapes as one of the band members, but it was just an experiment." I'm quite sure that this is going to be my very first solo record ever released. But it's been like a decade since we made our first appearance as a team. The band and the group are the most important elements of K-pop.
As I've already mentioned to you, I got my start in the music industry as a poet and a rap artist. Because K-pop is more of a mixture than a singular genre, that was a particularly challenging aspect. It's a mashup of Korean pop music, other visuals, American pop music, various forms of social media and other items. It's incredibly intense, and a lot is going on all at once. Therefore, it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. RM had previously distributed two mixtapes, titled RM and Mono, in 2015 and 2018, respectively.
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