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  1. #1. Will There Be A Troll 2? Potential Release Date Of Troll 2

Will There Be A Troll 2? Potential Release Date Of Troll 2

Will There Be A Troll 2? The Norwegian monster movie Troll has recently debuted on Netflix. The screenplay, written by Espen Aukanand and Roar Uthaug, draws on Norse mythology and other genre conventions to create a devastating monster on par with Godzilla and King Kong. Critics were generally positive toward Norway's latest offering, and the film's current IMDB score of 6.8/10 indicates that viewers agree.
Troll 2 might easily be made on the strength of the closing scene, in which two prominent characters wonder aloud if other magical creatures are hiding in the country's rugged topography. Therefore, it's reasonable to wonder how likely it is that Uthaug will write a sequel to his monster saga.

#1. Will There Be A Troll 2? Potential Release Date Of Troll 2

Will There Be A Troll 2 Source: Netflix
Troll producer Kristian Strand Sinkerud said, "Of course, we have ambitions to do a sequel and perhaps two sequels, but it all relies on how the audience responds to Troll." In light of the generally excellent reception the film has received thus far, it's reasonable to assume that a sequel will be shot. It's tough to make a time prediction. This high-quality action picture took a long time to produce and didn't cost peanuts. It will likely be at least two years before we witness another troll from Scandinavia destroying cozy cottages.

Potential Characters In 'Troll' Sequel

Will There Be A Troll 2
We'd want to see the majority of the original cast return, including Gard B. Eidsvold (who played Tobias before the Troll King killed him). Nora (Ine Marie Wilmann), Andreas (Kim Falck), and Kris (Mads Sjgrd Pettersen) may all make a comeback. Likewise, we want to see Anneke von der Lippe, who played the strong but fair Prime Minister, Dennis Storhi, the army commander, and Karoline Viktoria Sletteng Garvang, who played the Star Trek fanatic Sigrid, return.

Potential Troll 2 Twist

Will There Be A Troll 2
To kick off the sequel, the protagonists may be a band of explorers looking to discover more legendary trolls. The group accidentally unleashes a second monster, considerably larger and more lethal than the first. A government led by the first film's Prime Minister calls for Nora and Andreas, the only individuals who were able to kill the monster (who are getting ready for their wedding.)
After immediately tracking down Kris (who has since left the Army to live a quiet life in the countryside), the three of them set out on a journey to once again save their homeland. Even so, the new species appears to have developed and does not share light sensitivity with other Troll, making this test far more difficult than the first. It appears that this new creature is well aware of what transpired with the Troll King and is intent on exacting vengeance on those responsible for his downfall.
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