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  1. #1. What's New? Transformers Rise Of The Beasts Villain!
  2. #2. List of Villain: Maximals, Predacons, Terrorcons

Transformers Rise Of The Beasts Villain: Updated List

Searching for the list of "Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts" Villain? Here we go! The official trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts has been released, giving fans their first look at the new Beast Wars characters appearing in the movie. After Bumblebee, the seventh movie in the Transformers series, will take the story in a new direction.
Steven Caple Jr. has taken over the franchise now that Michael Bay is no longer involved. Even though Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are still in the new movie, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts also features the Maximals, Terrorcons, and Predacons for the first time.

#1. What's New? Transformers Rise Of The Beasts Villain!

transformers rise of the beasts villain Source: Transformers
'The Transformers: Rise of the Beasts' trailer does a great job of showing what the movie will be like. The two new human leads, played by Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback, are shown briefly in the footage. Instead, the focus is on the first time we see the Beast Wars characters. It looks like the story of Transformers 7 starts with Optimus Primal coming to Earth to tell Optimus Prime about a new danger. The trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts shows more than just Optimus Primal from Beast Wars.
The Maximal with the gorilla theme does get the most screen time, so people can hear Ron Perlman's voice. There are also glimpses of Cheetor, a Maximal with a cheetah theme, Rhinox, a Maximal with a rhino theme, and Airazor (a falcon-themed Maximal). Rhinox is only seen in the Transformers war, while Cheetor runs next to Bumblebee and jumps into battle at the end. In the Transformers 7 trailer, Airazor can briefly be seen flying near a bridge.
Still, it wouldn't be a Transformers movie without Bumblebee and Optimus Prime in his G1 design, and the trailer shows both of them. Mirage and Arcee, who seem to work closely with the human leads in the movie, are also seen several times. Scourge, the leader of the Terrorcons, is mostly hidden in the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts trailer, but there are a few shots of him at the end. Overall, the footage should do its job of getting people excited to see the Beast Wars characters on the big screen, especially longtime Transformers fans.

#2. List of Villain: Maximals, Predacons, Terrorcons

transformers rise of the beasts villain
At first, the Maximals were seen as the Autobots' offspring who could change shape like their ancestors. The movie may change some of these stories. The Autobots often look like cars, jets, and other vehicles. The Maximals, on the other hand, look like animals. Caple says they are "dinosaurs that travel through time and space and end up on Earth."
Don't laugh, but Optimus Primal is in charge of the Maximals. He turns into a gorilla. Caple said, "He's the beating heart of the Maximals." "Prime is what he is to the Autobots, and that's what he is to the Maximals. He was made to be older, but he knows more than us. He looks after himself."
The trailer for Rise of the Beasts showed a few more Maximals. Cheetor can change into a huge robot cheetah. Rhinox can also change into a rhinoceros, as you might have guessed. "Rhinox is the group's muscle and the Maximals' brains," Caple said. "This person just wants to push things. He wants to ram it all down," Di Bonaventura said in a completely serious, non-sexual way. "He's always going to be the one asking, "Can I do it now? Can I now ram them?"


transformers rise of the beasts villain
Airazor, who can change into a huge mech peregrine falcon, is another Maximal who will be in the movie. Caple said, "She's very caring, but don't put her to the test." "Even though she looks like a queen, she's still a beast."
The Predacons are the Maximals' enemies, just like the Autobots and the Decepticons are at odds with each other. Caple said that when the Predacons show up in Rise of the Beasts, they will be more like reptiles. "They've been here and there, but we've never had a chance to focus on their symbols or, if you will, their tribe, so we're putting more attention on that," he said.
"In a way, the Predacons and the Beasts are natural enemies, and the Terrorcons and the Autobots are natural enemies of each other," Di Bonaventura said. "We get to put everyone against each other, so it becomes a grand finale and an epic Transformers experience."
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