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  1. #1. What Is Rise of the Beasts about? Is The New Transformers A Reboot?
  2. #2. Is The New Transformers A Reboot?

Is The New Transformers A Reboot? What Is "Rise Of The Beasts" About?

Is The New Transformers A Reboot? Here we go! For those who can't stand talking cars, it's been a while since the last Transformers film was in theaters. Nonetheless, after Bumblebee in 2018, the franchise is officially restarting. That huge robot gorilla with Ron Perlman's voice begs the question: what the heck is it?
The seventh film in the live-action Transformers movie franchise, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, follows in the footsteps of the original set of high-action, high-Bayhem hits directed by Michael Bay. The first trailer for the film was released at the beginning of December, giving audiences a glimpse at the film's new breed of shape-shifting robots (including the gorilla guy) and their world-spanning adventure designed to serve as a sequel to Bumblebee.

#1. What Is Rise of the Beasts about? Is The New Transformers A Reboot?

Is The New Transformers A Reboot Source: Transformers
The film's director, Steven Caple Jr., and producer, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, appeared in a moderated discussion in June 2021 to discuss the film's premise and initial plot points. It was confirmed that Optimus Prime is still the focal point.
"He just landed here. In contrast to the Bay movies and the animated series, "where he's already a guardian of earth," Di Bonaventura claims that "he doesn't have a relationship to earth" in the new feature. According to the director, an emotional connection to people and Earth is formed in this picture. The Autobots (including Bumblebee) and their main enemies (the Decepticons) will return in Rise of the Beasts. War comes out among the Maximals, Predacons, and Terrorcons, so we'll also meet all three of them.
Scourge, leader of the Terrorcons, is a villain who enjoys amassing Autobots and Maximals to exhibit as trophies. Di Bonaventura noted that one of Scourge's unique qualities is that "he is like a living memorial to the havoc he has wrought" because the robots' insignias are fused into him after they are destroyed. In this one, Caple said, "I want to dabble more in horror and make viewers leap out of their seats."
The Maximals were first shown as the offspring of the Autobots, complete with the ability to assume various shapes and sizes. The film's adaptation could change these backstories slightly. The Maximals take on animal shapes, unlike the Autobots, who mimic cars, planes, and other vehicles. They are "prehistoric animals who traverse through time and space and arrive on earth," as described by Caple.
Optimus Primal is in charge of all the Maximals. A gorilla is his animal form. The Maximals, as a whole, have their "beating heart" in him, as Caple put it. As Prime is to the Autobots, so is he to the Maximals. He deliberately ages slowly to gain wisdom that surpasses our own. That's why he's good at looking out for his own.

Some New In Here

Is The New Transformers A Reboot
The trailer for Rise of the Beasts featured some additional Maximals. We have Cheetor, who can morph into a huge robotic cheetah. And then there's Rhinox, who can transform into a rhinoceros. Caple described Rhinox as the Maximals' "muscle" and "brains." This persona is driven only by a desire to ram things. Di Bonaventura joked in a non-sexually suggestive way that "he wants to ram it all," implying that what the two were discussing was inappropriate for polite company.
The Maximal Airazor, who can metamorphose into a huge mechanical peregrine falcon, has also been confirmed for the film. And don't test her maternal nature, Caple cautioned. Underneath her royal appearance, she's a wild animal."
Like the conflict between the Autobots and the Decepticons, the Maximals have their own enemies in the form of the Predacons. Caple has stated that the Predacons' nature in Rise of the Beasts is more reptilian. They've "popped up here and there, but we've never had an opportunity to really zero in on their emblem or their tribe, if you will, so we're really hammering that harder," he said.
Di Bonaventura noted that the Predacons and the Beasts are natural opponents of each other, while the Terrorcons and the Autobots are at odds with each other. "We get to pit everyone against each other, making for an epic and thrilling conclusion to the Transformers saga," the creators said.

#2. Is The New Transformers A Reboot?

Is The New Transformers A Reboot
So is the new Transformers a reboot? This Transformers series was the first in the franchise to use CGI, and it was part of the Saturday morning Fox Kids schedule of television shows in the 1990s, alongside shows like Power Rangers and Bobby's World. The Maximals and Predacons originated in the spinoff series Beast Wars, which also served as the franchise's flagship.
Although it follows the same basic formula as the previous Transformers films, Beast Wars is set hundreds of years in the future. Those who came before the Autobots and Decepticons were Maximals and Predacons, respectively. Due to a crash landing on an uncharted planet, small teams from both sides had to figure out how to get back home while also fighting each other.
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