20+ Embarrassing Selfie Fails That Will Make You Want To Move To Another Planet

Let's be honest: we're all guilty of taking a selfie now and again. However, some of us seem to be obsessed with taking selfies, as seen by the dozens of pictures we may take each day. With the popularity of social media and the widespread use of smartphones to capture daily activities, this is not entirely unexpected. Because of this, there are often horrible selfies that should not be posted on the Internet. Continue reading because we've compiled a list of some of the most hilarious and shocking selfie fails!
From a hairy spider in the backdrop to individuals getting caught off guard by mirrors they didn't realize were there, these are some of the worst and funniest selfie disasters you'll ever see. So, if you are unhappy with your selfie, these attempts will undoubtedly make you feel better. Without further ado, scroll down and check out these hilarious selfie fails—hopefully, none of them are yours!

#1. Mama's big boy.

Source: Unknown

#2. When you see it...

Source: SupersonicMonkey

#3. Oh sh*t!

Source: Unknown

#4. "This traffic ugh"

Source: Unknown

#5. Eight-legged little friend.

Source: Jair Townsend

#6. "Aww my boyfriend is so sweet! Sneaking in shower shots of me hehe."

Source: UnsetJelly

#7. Probably the last picture she took.

Source: Unknown

#8. Little brother life.

Source: Unknown

#9. "Yeah sis', another selfie...great idea..."

Source: ziptoro

#10. When Australian police have had enough of your sh*t:

Source: Reddit

#11. Does this dildo make me look fat??

Source: Unknown

#12. Oof. She's never gonna hear the end of this.

Source: Unknown

#13. "Bae caught me slippin'"

Source: ashhatesbrunch

#14. That's the "Judging your decisions" look.

Source: Unknown

#15. There's a crack in his mirror.

Source: Sudz705

#16. Is that a rat???

Source: metalcorebarbie

#17. "As for my next picture, I'd like to demonstrate an example of natural selection."

Source: Unknown

#18. "Hate it when my girlfriend takes pictures of me sleeping."

Source: Madagoscar

#19. Honey you sure?

Source: Unknown

#20. Just me, myself, and I

Source: Unknown

#21. "Who wore it better?"

Source: tomorrowshangover

#22. Excuse me?

Source: tumblr

#23. This could well be the most romantic first date ever!

Source: IraniDiaspora

#24. "License, registration, and Instagram name."

Source: imgur

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