22 Hilarious Inside Jokes That Any Procrastinator Can Understand

The famous writer Mark Twain once said, "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow." Well, if you consider Twain's words your current life motto, then all these funny procrastination inside jokes are tailor-made for you!
Procrastination, known as the "I'll do it later" state of mind, affects even the most productive and motivated folks. From top executives to junior representatives and even the support staff, we all fall prey to procrastination. It's just one of those things that we know very well is bad for us, but we do it anyway. But as horrible as it seems, this delaying tactic does not have to be a death sentence to our life. Because even if we can't defeat this mental state, then we can at least laugh at it. So, let's scroll down to read the humorous inside jokes about procrastination to lighten our mood before we have to get back to work. Please enjoy!

#1. When there's literally nothing that can stop your procrastination train:

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#2. "Well, it has to be an even number, or else I can't do it"

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#3. "This person probably has to study for finals"

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#4. “I put the pro in procrastinating.”

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#5. This:

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#6. The struggle is so real

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#7. So true

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#8. "Tomorrow, I love you cause you're always a day away"


#9. "That's acceptance. No guilt, please."

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#10. Not Duolingo too

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#11. Or even make time for.

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#12. Finishing stuff is overrated:

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#13. Can relate.

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#14. The power of procrastination:

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#15. Every procrastinator ever:

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#16. "I just found out the idiots who kept making me procrastinate and stress out."

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#17. "I'm not procrastinating. I wait until the last second because then I'll be older and therefore wiser."

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#18. The greatest deal in the history of deals:

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#19. How to overcome procrastination. Whoops.

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#20. Every. damn. time

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#21. Procrastinator starter pack:

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#22. At its peak:

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