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  1. #1. What Insiders Said About T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach Affair

T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach Affair: What Insiders Said?

Searching for information about t.j. holmes and amy robach affair? Here we go! The Post has learned that since the news of the alleged secret love affair between "Good Morning America" anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes surfaced, ABC executives have been convening "emergency meetings" to manage the chaos.
Robach, married to actor Andrew Shue, and Holmes, married to lawyer Marilee Fiebig, may "maintain their jobs if their numbers hold up," according to an insider's assessment of the situation. The source stated, "It's all about the ratings," adding that with the current buzz surrounding the story, "ratings are going to be through the roof."

#1. What Insiders Said About T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach Affair

T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach Affair Source: Getty Images
However, another ABC employee familiar with the matter said that ABC News president Kim Godwin was unaware of the situation. According to a third source, the co-hosts of "GMA3" could face disciplinary action if they did not come clean about their connection. "If ABC didn't know, they should enforce company policy," the insider said, referring to the network. There was no easy way to find out ABC's official stance on relationships between coworkers.
One insider speculated that "if their numbers stay up" in the next several weeks, the duo could be able to keep their positions. The source suggests that suspension is a possible sanction. The insider also noted that "this story is good old-fashioned gossip." The most important thing to remember is that they were both dolts. ABC and "GMA" representatives did not return calls seeking comment.
On Thursday, Robach and Holmes co-anchored "GMA" for the first time since the scandal was revealed. Robach nervously welcomed fans to the show on its "Friday night" airing without mentioning the alleged affair.

What Did t.j. Holmes and Amy Robach affair Say?

T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach Affair
Holmes asked tentatively, "Who's looking forward to the weekend?" Robach chimed in, "Uh, me!" “Yeah? Holmes began his broadcast on World AIDS Day with, "Of course we are.
Page Six announced Robach's divorce from her spouse just minutes before the 1 p.m. telecast. After a hectic 24 hours, the story finally broke on Thursday. It was first reported on Wednesday when images of the ABC anchors cuddling and holding hands were leaked to the Daily Mail. While on a trip to a country house in upstate New York, Holmes grabbed Robach's butt as she reached into the trunk to retrieve an item.
According to the source, ABC News president Kim Godwin didn't know about the rumored relationship between Holmes and Robach, which could lead to disciplinary action. According to Page Six's source, the romance between Robach and Holmes began in March, while they were both preparing for the New York City Half Marathon.

A High Possibility Of Affair

T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach Affair
Is t.j. holmes and Amy Robach affair true? The 49-year-old Robach has been married to Shue, an actor from "Melrose Place," since 2010, while the 45-year-old Holmes also married in 2010. Robach has no children with Shue, but she has two with her ex-husband Tim McIntosh.
Three children have come from Holmes's relationships with Fiebig and ex-wife Amy Fershon. Page Six has anonymous sources saying that Robach and Holmes both filed for divorce in August. In a post commemorating his tenth anniversary with Fiebig in 2020, Holmes teased offering her "reasons" to depart in the wake of the affair's revelations. Shue has deleted all photos of his estranged wife from his Instagram, and Robach and Holmes have done the same.
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