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  1. #1. Troll Netflix 2022 Review: Skip Or Stream It?

Troll Netflix 2022 Review: The Most Objective Review

Searching for Troll Netflix 2022 Review? Here we go! The film Troll, currently available on Netflix, poses the provocative question, "What if Godzilla, but in Norway?" According to local legend, which serves as the inspiration for this film directed by Roar Uthaug (who also helmed the reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise in 2018), giants formed of dirt and stone are said to inhabit the region's mountains.
These trolls are vulnerable to sunlight and can smell the blood of Christians, stimulating a nationalistic fervor in them, making them angry and violent. Therefore, everyone should convert to paganism as quickly as possible, and maybe they will disappear. But that doesn't happen in this movie; unfortunately, it doesn't even show signs of being creative.

#1. Troll Netflix 2022 Review: Skip Or Stream It?

Troll Netflix 2022 Review Source: Netflix
The essential point: THE TROLLPEAKS, ROMSDALEN Mountains can be seen there. Sitting atop one of them, young Nora Tidemann (played by Ameli Olving Saelevik) and her grandfather Tobias (Gard B. Eidsvold) take in the breathtakingly gorgeous landscape of the rocky range. According to Tobias, if you believe hard, it makes fairy tales come true. More precisely, Tobias claims that it makes fairy stories about enormous trolls stomping around out here yonder come true.
After twenty years, Nora (Ine Marie Wilmann), who is now a paleontologist, is found to be estranged from her raging crazy man father and is currently working to unearth dinosaur bones from the mud. Somewhere else, the Ugly Progress of Industry dynamited a tunnel through a mountain for a new railway. As a result, something awoke and lumbered forth from the deepest parts of the mountain like an evil metaphor for the effects of climate change caused by humans.
Does anyone have a connection to somebody who is an authority on old folklore and aware of items buried deep in the earth for a very long time and who the government could confer with? Nora was helicoptered to one of those top-secret, high-tech underground bunker headquarters to meet with the Concerned Prime Minister, a Stonefaced General, a Slimy Politician, and a few other cliches.

Brief Troll 2022 Movie Recap

Troll Netflix 2022 Review
They pore over images of what appear to be giant footprints and citizen video of a strangely human blur-shape destroying stuff, which prompts the Sleazy Politician to make a snarky allusion to King Kong. This seems like a task for some weirdos with expertise in the esoteric and a handful of unusual companions who form a ragtag crew of saviors who think outside the box because otherwise, the heads of state would shoot nuclear weapons at the thing!
As a result, Nora takes advantage of the opportunity to mend fences with her father, who has become an eccentric old man living in a hut and is obsessed with trolls. They are joined by a military captain named Kris, played by Mads Sjogard Pettersen, and an advisor to the prime minister named Andreas, played by Kim Falck. Together, they race to the scenes of mass destruction to get as close as possible to the giant troll, which has stone skin and tree roots for a beard and may or may not be anatomically correct.
I couldn't bear to look that closely. Tanks and machine guns have little effect on the creature; therefore, a more comprehensive strategy, for example, may be required. But is it possible for them to devise a solution before the troll reduces Oslo to ruins?
SKIP IT. If you think you've watched every giant-monster catastrophe movie just because you've seen one, you're wrong. If you've only seen one, you haven't seen any of them. But overall, Troll gives you the impression that you've seen everything there is to see.
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