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  1. #1. Is Troll A Sequel To Trollhunter?
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Is Troll A Sequel To Trollhunter? Comprehensive Answer

Is Troll a sequel to Trollhunter? Here we go! Have you been anticipating the release of Troll Hunter 2 for quite some time now? If that's the case, then you may rest certain that you're not the only one. When we think back, we realize that André vredal was the director of the original Norwegian fantasy film, which was released in 2010.
The found-footage and mockumentary formats were extremely well-liked during that period, and other horror films capitalized on the success of the Paranormal Activity franchise using these techniques.

#1. Is Troll A Sequel To Trollhunter?

Is Troll A Sequel To Trollhunter Source: Netflix
Troll Hunter, on the other hand, veered away from the conventions of the haunted home subgenre and presented its audience with an entirely different kind of horror offering. Since then, there has arguably been the possibility to expand upon the notion, and viewers may have lately found themselves excited about the arrival of Troll on Netflix. Still, they may wonder whether it is a sequel to Trollhunter.
Troll on Netflix is not a sequel to Troll Hunter, nor is the film scheduled for release in 2022 a continuation of or connected to Troll Hunter in any way. The creatures that appear in both Movies got their start in Norse mythology, which has been the subject of a plethora of movies that have artistically explored the mythology that surrounds those animals.
On the other hand, both movies were produced in Norway, and some people have speculated that the films take place in the same universe due to the questionable similarity of the designs of the various monsters that appear in each. Troll Hunter was written and directed by André vredal, whereas Roar Uthaug is directing Troll and co-writing the screenplay with Espen Aukan. vredal was responsible for Troll Hunter.
Tomb Raider, in which Alicia Vikander played the title role, The Wave, and Cold Prey were all directed by him, and they are probably the movies for which he is most known. His most recent work is a feature film, and it depicts the story of an old troll that is awakened from its slumber on a mountain in Norway. When confronted with the possibility of anarchy, a group of protagonists engages the monster in combat and halts any further damage.

#2. Numerous Ideas For The Sequel

Is Troll A Sequel To Trollhunter
The Troll Hunter fandom emphasizes the fact that a planned remake of the film Troll Hunter was canceled in 2016, and that André received back the rights to the movie. During an interview with Collider in 2011, he stated that he would be interested in directing a follow-up installment.
"There are loads of ideas for a sequel that were left over from the writing process, which are really beneficial for a sequel, so that's in the back of our minds," he revealed. "There are tons of ideas for a sequel that were left over from the script process." However, even since he regained ownership of the rights to the game, there has been no word of a sequel to Troll Hunter.
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