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  1. #1. The  Purple Mashed Potatoes Masked Singer: The Hints

Who Is The Purple Mashed Potatoes Masked Singer?

Who Is the purple mashed potatoes Masked Singer? Here we go! Beetle, Bride, Robo Girl, Avocado, and a great many other characters had their identities revealed during the show. William Shatner, Gloria Gaynor, Jerry Springer, and Nikki Glaser are just a few of the famous people that gave their all in an attempt to win The Masked Singer.
However, there could be only one victor in the race for the top slot. Fans of "The Masked Singer" will remember the "purple mashed potatoes" suggestion as the one that really let the cat out of the bag. Let's find out more about the meaning of the clue concerning the purple mashed potatoes, shall we?

#1. The  Purple Mashed Potatoes Masked Singer: The Hints

Purple Mashed Potatoes Masked Singer Source: Masked Singer
During episodes of "The Masked Singer," both the judges and the audience are provided with hints to assist them in determining whose contestant is hiding behind the mask. During the eighth season, the Harp provided an on-stage clue by saying, "These purple mashed potatoes are almost too gorgeous to mash, but, I mean, who doesn't love a good mashed potato?" A lot of fans were thrown off by the purple mashed potatoes, but when taken into consideration with the other hints on the Harp, all eventually became clear.

Masked Singer Reveals The Harp

Purple Mashed Potatoes Masked Singer
In the twelfth episode of the eighth season of The Masked Singer, the Harp was revealed to be Amber Riley. Amber is an actor and singer who rose to prominence after appearing on the Fox television series Glee.
She was born in LA and is now 36 years old. Amber not only triumphed as the winner of The Masked Singer in 2022, but she also held the title of the victor of another reality television competition. On the 2013 season of Dancing with the Stars, she finished in the first place. You can find her on Instagram at @msamberpriley, with over 1.5 million followers.

The Audience Already Knew Who The Harp Is - The Purple Mashed Potatoes Masked Singer

Purple Mashed Potatoes Masked Singer
On the final episode of Masked Singer, when Harp's identity was finally revealed, several show viewers flocked to Twitter to proclaim that they had always been aware that Amber Riley was hiding behind the mask.
One of Amber Riley's fans tweeted the following: "It feels nice I guessed the harp from day one @MsAmberPRiley." When I heard that, my first thought was, "That sounds like Mercedes was the purple mashed potatoes due of your love of purple and the tater tot episode on Glee??"
Someone else remarked, "Whoo! Based on the clue about the purple mashed potatoes, I realized that Amber Riley from the television show Glee was the person behind the Harp Mask. This clue refers to the episode of Glee called "The Purple Piano Project," the mashups of songs that are featured on the show, and her character's love of potato tots (which are Tater Tots).
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