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  1. #1. Austin Harrouff Crime Scene: Where Is The Justice?
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Austin Harrouff Crime Scene: Where Is The Justice?

Searching for Austin Harrouff crime scene? Here we go! The Monday morning hearing in a stunning and extremely troubling case out of Jupiter and Tequesta didn't last long. The man who has been charged with two charges of murder has pleaded not guilty because of insanity. He is accused of randomly attacking his victims and chewing on their faces.
The judge agreed with the lawyers for both sides. Either life in prison or institutionalization for Austin Harrouff's mental illness was predetermined. In 2016, Harrouff, when only 19, murdered Michele Mishcon and John Stevens in their garage. The attorneys on both sides had previously agreed that the court alone would decide his destiny. Also, Here is the updated information about Texas Killing Fields Killer Clyde Hedrick.

#1. Austin Harrouff Crime Scene: Where Is The Justice?

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The man who has been charged with two counts of murder has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. He is said to have attacked his victims at random and chewed on their faces. (WPEC). Those Who Have Suffered: "Every day when I turn the corner on Kokomo Lane, I grin when I see your truck, knowing you are home and I will see you in a short second," Michele Mishcon wrote to her "hus-buddy," John Stevens, in a card.
With you in my life, he wrote, "I feel like a new person, and I hope this new life of ours will bring delight to us both." All cards were read aloud at the memorial service in August of 2016. The families consented to having cameras inside their homes so that the victims, rather than the perpetrator, would be the center of attention.
John and Michele were divorcees, but in their "new life" together, they went boating with friends, entertained guests in their "Garage-Mahal," and showered their adult children with love when they struck out on their own.

Austin Harrouff Crime Scene Case: Who Is Behind?

Austin Harrouff Crime Scene
After being on the run for six years, Austin Harrouff is now standing trial. There's no denying his culpability; he was the one who committed the crime. The question of whether or not he was insane remains unanswered. The defense will likely assert "not guilty by reason of insanity."
After approximately three weeks of evidence and testimony, a judge will decide. What follows is what transpired in Tequesta on August 15th, 2016. Austin Harrouf and his family were at Duffy's on Indiantown road. Security footage shows him getting up from the table. His father (played by Wade Harrouff) is under the impression that he is using the restroom. Instead of staying at Duffys, Austin decides to explore the neighborhood. He walks almost 4 kilometers.

Comprehensive Details

Austin Harrouff Crime Scene
During his travels, he undresses and eventually finds himself standing naked in front of John Steven's home. With the door open, the garage became a pleasant area to relax with friends and family while enjoying the fresh air. More than a hundred catalytic converters were stolen in St. Lucie County, according to deputies. That evening, a brutal and puzzling massacre took place there.
Harrouff attacked John and Michele multiple times with a pocket knife and various implements from their garage. A pair of total strangers. When neighbor Jeff Fisher observed what was occurring, he came to help; however, Harrouf also attacked him, forcing Fisher to flee his home before he could call for help. Harrouff was not deterred by the deputy's use of a taser or the police dog that arrived shortly after.
He begged the sheriff's deputies to shoot him. Sheriff William Synder made these remarks at a press conference after the incident: "Confusing is the term I used, I believe. This makes no sense. One of the first things we do when we arrive at a crime scene is try to piece together the perpetrator's motivation. Because understanding the offender's motivation can set us on the path to justice. In this particular instance, however, we have been unable to pin down a cause. True justice. No question about it. No idea"

#2. Talks About Austin Harrouff Crime Scene

Austin Harrouff Crime Scene
Dr. Phil Mcgraw, a TV psychologist, would later try to uncover the culprit's motivation by scheduling a covert interview in the patient's hospital room. Harrouff responded to Dr. Phil's queries about his imaginary companion and out-of-body experiences by typing on a tablet. According to court documents from the CBS12 News I Team, the killer had been searching online for information about demonic possession just before the killings. He planned to ask Oprah Winfrey for assistance and had done his homework to prepare.
There was an entity inside of him, he wrote in his journal and scrawled rap lyrics, and it was wrong and dangerous. Over the years, specialists hired by prosecutors and Harrouff's lawyers have examined him; their evaluations will be analyzed during the trial, with each party attempting to show that their experts are more accurate than the opposing ones.
Prosecutors intended to bring in a new doctor but needed more time to find one, which prompted a move to the Court of Appeals from one of the experts, who begged not to appear due to health concerns. The court of appeals dismissed it. The trial of the once-promising FSU athlete, whose violent deeds may never be explained, begins today, and CBS12 News will have updates throughout the trial on air and online.
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