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  1. #1. Where Are They Now? The Love Island USA 2019 Cast

Love Island USA 2019 Cast: Where Are They Now?

Where is Love Island USA 2019 Cast now? Here we go This summer saw the debut of the reality competition show The Challenge: USA, which pits alums of various reality competitions against one another in a series of games for a cash prize. Numerous competitors have appeared on other reality series, including Kyra and Cassel, who competed on the inaugural season of Love Island USA.
When Kyra and Cassel appeared on The Challenge: USA, it was like seeing old friends again for Love Island viewers who hadn't seen them since they left the show in 2019. Even though viewers can now find out what the cast members have been up to, many are still curious about the fate of the other contestants from the first season of Love Island USA.

#1. Where Are They Now? The Love Island USA 2019 Cast

Youngblood, Jered

Love Island 2018 cast Source: Getty Images
Jered Youngblood was one of three new islanders presented at the beginning of week four. He was revealed during a sham blindfold competition. He made it through the fourth week of the competition with his partner Kyra Green before being voted off the island on Day 30, so he missed a chance to compete in the finals.
Jered could switch careers from real estate to modeling and spearfishing, thanks to his appearance on Love Island. Modeling firms ALEXA and Modern Muse have signed him, and he can be seen surfing and spearfishing in Hawaii right now.

Kyra Green - The Love Island USA 2019 Cast

Love Island 2019
As one of the more memorable contestants to be eliminated from Love Island Season 1 before the finals, Kyra Green's departure with Jered was a high point. Cassel, her partner from Weeks 1 and 2 of Love Island, whom she had suddenly re-coupled away from, was waiting for her outside the villa after she was evicted.
Since appearing on Love Island, Kyra has become a successful model, influencer, and artist. She has collaborated with Puma on their new Dua Lipa shoe collection and has recently appeared on DirectTV's "Hot Take / Cold Take" episode. She competed alongside Cassel on The Challenge: USA.

Richie Weston

Weston Richey has been a villa resident since Day 1, and he has dated several women on Love Island before settling down with Emily in Week 4. The couple did well enough to advance to the finals, but they ultimately finished last. Weston started his own video development company, XclusiV Productions, in 2021 after his lengthy run on Love Island. He is actively involved in his role as CEO, assisting in producing numerous advertisements and documentaries for the company.

Emily Salch

Love Island USA 2019
Now that her time on the show is over, Emily plans to use her travels to establish her identity as a brand further. She has launched OnlyFans to aid in her brand promotion and is active on Instagram, where she regularly shares photos from her travels.

Raymond Gantt

Love Island USA 2019
Raymond "Ray" Gantt, a newcomer to Love Island, met Katrina for the first time during week three. Later that week, he ended up dating one of the show's more humorous contestants, Caro. They stuck together to the finals, where they ultimately placed third.
Since his appearance on Love Island, Ray has become a reality TV veteran. He and Caro were both Amazing Race contestants. He recently made an appearance on Ex On The Beach, where Caro was presented as one of his exes, suggesting that their relationship ended at some point after.

Caroline Viehweg

Caroline "Caro" Viehweg, who became one of the most followed competitors on Love Island USA's Instagram account, dated several men before finding lasting love with Ray, who arrived in the villa in week three. The couple advanced to the final round, finishing in third place. Caro has continued to enjoy life despite the breakup that landed her on Ray's reality show, Ex On The Beach. She is presently modeling for FashionNova and manages an empowering Instagram account for women.

Dylan Curry

Love Island USA 2019
Coming to the villa late in the first week, Dylan Curry was the first of the newcomers in that season, and he and Alexandra quickly became fast friends. A growing attraction carried them to the finals, where they ultimately came in second. This California native is honing his athletic skills in San Diego right now. He is currently a member of CrossFit TurnPoint and the San Diego Lacrosse Club, where he plays lacrosse.

Alex Stewart - The Love Island USA 2019 Cast

Alexandra Stewart was a season one villa resident who dated Michael for a short period but ultimately found more with Dylan once he arrived at the end of the first week. Because of this, her first romance from Love Island ended badly. The two quickly hit it off, and she and Dylan ended up dating to the finals before coming up short.
Since she appeared on Love Island, Alexandra has remained in touch with the production. She currently co-hosts an "unofficial after-show" podcast called After The Island. Recently, she was interviewed by author Matthew Hoffman for the official Love Island podcast.

Toby Mirabelli

Zac Mirabelli, a Chicagoan, immediately fell in love with Elizabeth in the first episode and hasn't looked back since. Together, they made it to the finale of Love Island USA's first season, where they ultimately won the competition. Elizabeth decided to terminate the game by sharing her winnings of $100,000 with Zac, who had selected the empty envelope.
After Zac won Love Island in 2020, he dabbled in vlogging for a while in 2020 and 2021. Since then, he's been devoting his time to his modeling career, during which he's served as an ambassador for Raffi, a high-end fashion label.

Weber, Elizabeth - The Love Island USA 2019 Cast

Love Island USA 2019 cast
When Zac picked Elizabeth in the first round of pairings for Love Island USA, she didn't waste any time jumping on the excitement and rode it to the top. Elizabeth picked up the winning envelope and divided the prize money with Zac.
The breakup was announced in a now-deleted Instagram story by Zac, but Elizabeth has maintained strong ties to the show even after the couple split. She presents the After Love Island podcast with fellow Season 1 competitor Alexandra. She is active in the animal rights organization I Stand With My Pack as a volunteer.
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