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  1. Is Hunter Doohan Married?
  2. Who Is Fielder Jewett, Hunter Doohan's Husband?

Who Is Fielder Jewett, Hunter Doohan Husband?

Who is Fielder Jewett? Here we go! Netflix's most recent smash hit series is called "Wednesday." According to Forbes, the drama, which aired its first episode on November 23, is currently the streaming service's most-watched English-language series in a single week. This demonstrates how much fans are embracing this new rendition of Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega, which shows that the previous holder of the title was the fourth season of "Stranger Things."
In this story iteration, Wednesday is a young woman who is a student at Nevermore Academy, where she is developing her psychic skills. There, we come into contact with an intriguing cast of personalities, one of them is the dashing love interest of Wednesday, named Tyler Galpin.

Is Hunter Doohan Married?

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The role of Tyler is played by actor Hunter Doohan, born in Arkansas. You may be familiar with Hunter from appearances in other television programs, such as "Your Honor," "Truth Be Told," "Schooled," and others. Even though the actor already has a long list of acting credentials to his name, the part he plays as Tyler is the one that is winning everyone over. Fans can't get over the fact that his character had a crush on Wednesday and are curious whether the two will eventually become a couple, particularly after they go to a dance at Nevermore together.
If you've grown emotionally immersed in their love story, you may be curious about Doohan's personal life and whether or not he is now in a relationship. We know one fact regarding Doohan, even though the public is not privy to his dating history: Doohan is currently married to Fielder Jewett. So, how long have the two of you been together, and when did you two finally tie the knot? Keep scrolling down to learn everything there is to know about the relationship between Doohan and Jewett.

Who Is Fielder Jewett, Hunter Doohan's Husband?

Who Is Fielder Jewett
Jewett, in contrast to Doohan, is not an actor; rather, he is a law student. Fielder attended Wesleyan University between 2007 and 2011, as stated on his social networking site LinkedIn profile. After receiving his bachelor's degree in cinema study from an institution in Connecticut and moving on to pursue a career in the Entertainment industry, Jewett relocated to California.
He began his career as an assistant and eventually became a producer after years of hard labor. After working as a freelance producer for four years, he eventually decided to pursue a legal education and enrolled at Loyola Law School in August 2021. Since then, he has been attending classes there continuously. His Instagram bio states that he will graduate in the year 2024.

Who Is Fielder Jewett? How Did They Meet?

Who Is Fielder Jewett
It is not known how the two individuals first came into contact with one another; however, they probably did so while both working in the entertainment industry. It's also possible that, like many other couples, they got together through a dating app or common friends. Since Doohan hasn't been very active on Instagram since she joined the platform in 2013, and Jewett keeps his Instagram account set private, we don't have much information regarding their connection.


Hunter Doohan Husband
The fact that Doohan uploaded their first photo together on Instagram in June 2018 indicates that they have been together for several years, even though he has not disclosed publicly how long he has been in a relationship with Jewett. Doohan and Jewett may be seen having fun in the great outdoors together in the picture Doohan shared with us. In the caption of the photo, the actor wrote, "*has only been camping once* 'Take me back!'"
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