15 Pics That Prove Children's Pranks Are The Best Medicine

Everyone would agree that parenting is not easy, even the ones who are not parents yet would nod their heads. We see our parents taking care of our younger siblings, our elder brothers and sisters dealing with their children, or some strangers not stopping shouting at their kids running in public places. Just by observing people around us, we know how hard parenting is. However, being a parent is not all about responsibilities, difficulties, or dealing with kids when they are naughty or sick. There are also a lot of hilarious moments that we only know if we spend time with them. It seems like children bring us laughter to make up for the troubles they cause.
Here are 15 photos of children's pranks that will brighten your day. Check them out and have a good laugh! If you want more of the same, check out our previous post here!

#1. Unsuccessfully played with a robot vacuum cleaner

Children PranksSource: pil0t_g2

#2. "My son said he was hot and wanted ice cream. This is not what I expected."

Children PranksSource: PotentialApathy

#3. "Just found her chilling here for over an hour"

Children PranksSource: Pikafishy

#4. "My daughter know how to cat."

Children PranksSource: rickreed90424

#5. "My son wore his batman rain jacket to a local farm park. This peacock took it as a challenge."

Children PranksSource: Tgg161

#6. "We'll split the loot 50/50!"

Children PranksSource: TheAmazingManatee

#7. Toddler got her hands on hair removal lotion instead of her dad’s hair gel...

Children PranksSource: gumberry

#8. On his own

Source: gumberry

#9. "My baby trying to escape the car to play with a baby in another car"

Children PranksSource: Fast-Focus7399

#10. Homemade wig

Children PranksSource: rather0od

#11. "Despite multiple talkings too, my 2-year-old keeps leaving dolls in life-like positions around the house. Scares the life out of me every time"

Children PranksSource: bootsandcats-

#12. "What my wife found when she went to open our kitchen pantry door."

Source: iphotostuff

#13. 8-year-old went to school like this

Children PranksSource: JohnBrownMilitia

#14. "I used to fake showers. I would turn on the water, but not get in. My mom caught me once and that was the last time I did that shit again."

Source: Hiuuuhk

#15. Mmmm Chocouch

Source: rastroboy

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