How Ordinary Women Rank 15 Of The Prettiest Female Celebrities Over 40?

Staying fit and healthy at the age of 40 is far from straightforward. It requires a lot of time, care, and, of course, money. While young women always shine with a natural, energetic, and gorgeous beauty even without make-up or surgical intervention, not all middle-aged ladies can maintain that desirable charm as they get older.
That said, female celebrities, who are always the center of discussion when appearing in public, can be obsessed with remaining beautiful all the time after getting over 40. It’s even more stressful in such a society where beauty really matters. Yet, despite the mark of time and aging on women, we do believe that truly beautiful women are like wine; they will get better and sexier with age.
The following 15 famous beauties are a testament to this fact, breaking all stereotypes about the appearance of 40-and-over women. We’ve arranged the name order on this list based on our personal opinions and that of other ordinary women. So, please take it for fun and see if you’re on the same page with us!

#15 Kate Beckinsale, 49 years old

Prettiest Female <a href=celebrities,Over 40" />Source: LISA O'CONNOR / AFP / East News

We’re so in love with this actress’s unique elegance. You may recognize Kate from the Underworld trilogy, Van Helsing, and Pearl Harbor. 8% of the voters chose her. She only practices basic self-care, using cheap soap, sunscreen, and oils.

#14 Claudia Winkleman, 50 years old

Prettiest Female Celebrities Over 40Source: Phil Loftus / Capital Pictures / Capital Pictures / East News

This woman has proved beauty has no limits by looking fabulous and enchanting into her 40s. The English TV host claims she doesn't actually follow a skincare routine and occasionally even goes to bed wearing makeup. The only suggestion she has is to get more rest.

#13 Helen Mirren, 77 years old

Source: Niviere David / ABACAPRESS.COM / Abaca / East News

The beautiful lady Helen Mirren is just as gorgeous as when she was young. This actress continues to appear in films despite her advanced age. She doesn't believe she is attractive. She also has no recommendations for skin care, but if she had $20, she would visit the pharmacy and purchase a lip liner, a moisturizer, and lipstick.

#12 Davina McCall, 55 years old

Source: Getty Images

Who can tell the real age of Davina McCall at first glance? Barely can anyone! English actress and TV host Davina. She follows a strict daily routine that includes getting up early, frequently checking herself in the mirror, taking vitamins and collagen-infused tea, and only consuming healthy foods. She enjoys taking baths with bath salts and reading in her free time.

#11 Kate Hudson, 43 years old

Source: face to face / FaceToFace / REPORTER / East News

Our forever idol, concerning either talent or beauty, is Kate Hudson. That this American actress is on the list is not surprising. She takes great care of her diet and appearance; she has a vast collection of skin care products, has undergone cosmetic procedures, and even wears face masks when flying. She meditates and consumes a lot of water. Her foundation for beauty is her physical and mental well-being.

#10 Sarah Jessica Parker, 57 years old

Prettiest Female Celebrities Over 40Source: KELA / Broadimage / Broad Image / East News

What’s the secret behind a timeless appearance? As few cosmetics as possible! The Sex and the City star claims that her gorgeous hair is the work of professionals and that she doesn't use any special cosmetics. Every morning and night, use a moisturizing cream in addition to any soap and shampoo.

#9 Nigella Lawson, 62 years old

Prettiest Female Celebrities Over 40Source: Getty Images

It’s unbelievable that Nigella Lawson is turning into her 60s. She just looks like she’s just 30 or what! The British journalist, TV personality, and cookbook author Nigella Lawson has revealed a useful tip: she exfoliates her skin using silicone gloves as part of an odd skin-smoothing technique.

#8 Reese Witherspoon, 46 years old

Prettiest Female Celebrities Over 40Source: face to face / FaceToFace / REPORTER / East News

Give it up for our young, charming goddess - Reese Witherspoon! Big Little Lies' Oscar-winning star has a naturally youthful appearance. She combines resistance and bodyweight training with high-intensity dance cardio. Despite having children, she consumes a lot of fruits and vegetables, applies sunscreen liberally, always carries water, and spends a lot of time pampering herself.

#7 Kate Moss, 48 years old

Prettiest Female Celebrities Over 40Source: STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP / East News

It seems like every graceful has her own tips for staying young and fresh, like the Supermodel Kate who received 15% of the votes. She has a clever trick up her sleeve: stick your face in a sink full of ice cubes, cold water, and cucumber slices for as long as you can. It tightens up your skin and instantly reduces puffiness.

#6 Tess Daly, 53 years old

Prettiest Female Celebrities Over 40Source: / agefotostock / East News

Here’s another interesting trick for staying fit and sexy at the age of 50 from Tess - a TV host and journalist. She claims to spend a lot of time meditating, practicing yoga, and swimming in addition to meticulously cleansing, toning, and moisturizing her skin every morning and evening. She jumps ropes to wake up quickly in the morning.

#5 Naomi Campbell, 52 years old

Source: Jonas Gustavsson / Sipa USA / East News

Who can deny the sexiness of this model monument? With 20% of the vote, another supermodel was added to the list. She uses a facial roller, hydrating creams, and sprays, only apply makeup before work, and always removes it before going to bed. She claims that her skin needs to be moisturized and glossy.

#4 Victoria Beckham, 48 years old

Prettiest Female Celebrities Over 40Source: Fred Duval / MEGA / Mega Agency / East News

Victoria Beckham has always been mentioned as the richest, most beautiful lady with a happy married life and successful business. It's difficult to go against the fact that the British singer and designer deserves to be ranked so highly. Victoria enjoys getting her face massaged, uses natural products, enjoys wearing eye patches, and cannot imagine her life without moisturizers for her skin.

#3 Kim Kardashian, 42 years old

Prettiest Female Celebrities Over 40Source: face to face / FaceToFace / REPORTER / East News

Kim's main secret is excellent makeup, which has had a significant impact on makeup artists all over the world. To exfoliate her skin, she also mixes a spoonful of sugar with shower gel.

#2 Jennifer Aniston, 53 years old

Prettiest Female Celebrities Over 40Source: Invision / Invision / East News

In addition to being a gifted actress, Jennifer is also well-known for being very attractive. She is very strong-willed. She uses organic cosmetics, performs infrared therapy, works out and practices meditation, washes her face in icy water, and substitutes celery juice for coffee. She hardly ever uses cosmetics and doesn't let her hair air dry.

#1 Jennifer Lopez, 53 years old

Prettiest Female Celebrities Over 40Source: face to face / FaceToFace / REPORTER / East News

With 38% of the vote, the actress and singer overtook Aniston as the clear winner by a margin of 4%. She also dislikes discussing her age or physical appearance because, in her opinion, beauty is timeless. Her main gimmicks are sincerity, emotional restraint, and... olive oil, which her mother instilled a love for in her.
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