10 Male Celebrities Beauty Hacks That Ladies Can Even Try

Not only do women take care of their beauty, but also men are even doing it better. Many men take advantage of beautifying methods, including skincare or spa to keep them attractive when going out. They’re even proud of that and willing to share that with everybody.
These 10 handsome celebs below are great examples. They always make fans go gaga over their stunning look, even better than a girl. It turns out that they have their beauty care tricks and are not shy to speak about them in public.
Although some of them sound “unbelievable”, their tricks somehow effectively work for them. Take a closer look at 10 male celebs' beauty hacks on this post that ladies can even try to become more beautiful. Scroll down and explore, then try one of them that fits you most.

#1 A$AP Rocky - Exfoliating Every Day

Source: Satomi Kokubun / Capital Pictures / Capital Pictures / East News

A$AP Rocky isn't shy about sharing his opinions on style and beauty. Once sitting down with The Coveteur, the rapper shared that he uses one particular beauty product to get his spotless face. His favorite method of exfoliating and cleansing his skin is using a witch hazel toner. Rocky also prefers to let his hair grow naturally and only wash it once a week.
However, Rocky also shared that makeup doesn’t make girls more beautiful. He shared: "But you girls don't understand how much you mess up your skin. You can't help it, but makeup is the worst thing you can do to your skin. I love girls' natural, but I don't mind makeup. There's nothing wrong with it, there's really nothing wrong with it. See, guys like us we just like — well me.”

#2 Zac Efron - Skipping Shampoo for a Day

Source: Andy Kropa / Invision / AP / East News

Zac sported a number of well-known hairdos. It's surprising that he just does one thing to maintain his hair's health and integrity, foregoing shampoo for a day, from his time in High School Musical with that shaggy hairdo to his platinum blonde appearance.

#3 John Stamos - Putting on Sheet Masks With Collagen-Boosting Effects

Source: © Jean_Nelson / Depositphotos

At 59, John Stamos is still attractive with his youthful look that makes us all say “have mercy”. It turns out that his “secret weapon” to keep him looking like a 30-year-old man is the mask with collagen-boosting effects. He plus uses DIY facials with Greek yogurt to amp up his shinning skin.

#4 Rob Lowe - Snagging Travel-Sized Beauty Products Wherever He Goes

Source: © roblowe / Instagram

The 58-year-old still displays his endearing face everywhere, suggesting that he has maintained his Brat Pack appearance. His trick? He has an all-protein breakfast and travels with his basics, including face cleanser and an under-eye gel that reduces puffiness and signs of age.

#5 David Beckham - Moisturizing Daily

Source: © davidbeckham / Instagram

David puts a lot of effort into his facial appearance in addition to caring for his bodily health. He transitions from an exercise regimen to a straightforward but rigorous routine in which he moisturizes 12 times each day and uses a mild anti-aging cream on his wrinkles.

#6 V (BTS) - Applying Toner Pads on Face

Source: © bts.bighitofficial / Instagram

V from the BTS - a worldwide K-pop boy group, practices a variety of cosmetic regimens to keep his skin radiant. In an interview, he claimed, “On the plane, I dampen cotton pads with toner and put on lotion twice as much,”

#7 Kevin Hart - Having an Extensive Skincare Routine

Source: Elizabeth Goodenough / Everett Collection / East News

The actor and comedian have great regard for his arduous skincare routine. He exfoliates his face with a high-end product, wipes it clean with a hot towel, replenishes it with a pricey moisturizer, and finishes with a sealer.

#8 Pharrell - Basking in Cold Water

Source: CJ Rivera / Everett Collection / East News

The singer's commitment to taking care of his skin may make him appear to be aging more slowly.“I started taking care of my skin a little over 20 years ago,” he said. He uses the usual cleanser, exfoliator, vitamin C drops, and moisturizing cream daily. His secret, though? To keep his pores tight, he thoroughly washed them all off with cold water.

#9 George Clooney - Hitting the Sauna Regularly

Source: Martin Harris / Capital Pictures / East News

George Clooney indulges himself by visiting a spa for steam time. He simply uses a good quality bar of soap to maintain the moisture in his skin.

#10 Chris Pine - Treating His Acne With a Medical Cream

Source: Elizabeth Goodenough / Everett Collection / East News

Chris has a cosmetic trick he applies on his face that he calls his "wonder cure" and that he swears by. He acknowledged taking Accutane to treat his acne issues. Although it worked for the A-lister, a dermatologist's assistance is always required and is not highly advised for mild breakouts.

Bonus: Ryan Reynolds - Stealing His Wife's Moisturizers

Source: © everett225 / Depositphotos

That seems to be the best trick on this list! The 2010’s and 2121’s sexiest man are alive. Without any strict beauty regimen, Ryan just snags anything from his wife - Blake Lively, as long as it’s related to“moisturizer.”
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